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Esophagus problems

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I just had my 10th treatment of 2 GY and am having a big problem with my
esophagus swallowing food. They gave me a med for taking just before eating and
this helps a little. Not enough.
I have had Gerd for 40 years and worry that this treatment will cause
cancer or Barretts in my esophagus.
I have no sores or breaks in my mouth, just at the opening of the esophagus
and pains to eat.

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The last half of treatment is very painful. I took a dose of hydrocodone every four hours. I waited 20 minutes and then ate. Swallowing was very painful. It took almost a half hour to eat a carton of yogurt. I had to psych myself up for every swallow.

The thing that helped a little was having everything at body temperature. Yogurt at body temperature was not as tasty, but it went down with less pain. Everyone is different, and this may not help.

I tried to eat for about 90 minutes. When the eating period was over, I did not swallow at all. I spit into a tissue. This gave me almost 2 1/2 hours free of pain. The pain-free period allowed me to get thru the next 90 minutes of hell.

I gained 8 pounds during the radiation. (Everyone was predicting that I would lose 30. The healthcare team's predictions just got me mad. "I'll show them who's going to lose and who's going to gain.) I ate every 4 hours, six "meals" per day.

I can't really believe I did this: gain weight during radiation. And I'm not sure I could do it again.

As far as cancer of the esophagus: I would not let pain during and immediately after radiation worry me. If the pain persists, that would be another matter. Rick.

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Suggest continuing to try different foods. What works one day may not work the next. Eggs seem to work well for many, as does milk.

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I could not help but notice your post and RonJ552002 posts titles "swallowing" ...you guys might can share some info (if I read it correctly and you both are having similar issues) ...

Sorry I can not share or relate to your throat issues...



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Thanks for the information. I plan to see a Digestive Doc tomorrow to check
my esophagus.

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