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Olybee and Laralyn

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Just wanted to let you guys know we are thinking about you. Have not seen an updated post from you all (unless I just missed it).

You are NOT forgotten (and many others on here as well). You are still on the prayer list and praying all is going well :)



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Thanks so much for saying we're not forgotten, and again, sorry for being gone.  I am so torn with so many things going on in life.  Right now we've gone through a few weeks of scary things, hopefully coming to conclusions that are not nearly as bad as originally told.

First, Bob did not have a stroke, so that worry is gone.  His MRI of carotids and brainscan are all "normal," whatever that means anymore.  He had a prostate biopsy because his PSA shot up over the past two years, and they think that all the craziness of symptoms lately are a result severe prostate infection turning into sepsis.  He's now gotten it under control through IV treatment and home with a different med. 

I hope that is the only scare we have to have for this year, because I guess I'm just burned out, andI don't know HOW he even can stand it, stand me falling apart, etc. etc.

THANKS again for the kind words.  I continue to ask everyone to pray always for all of us!

- Kathy

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kathy, i will pray for you and your husband.  i'm sorry you had such a scare but hopefully it will be the last. 

God bless,


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I pushed one of Laralyn’s last posts up to the top for you to see



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I'm still here, occasionally posting an update and slightly less occasionally posting on other folks' threads. :-)

I'm doing just fine. Having some trouble swallowing and getting anxious to have a check-up since the recent move made it late. I'm hoping to find out when my next scan is. 

Thanks for keeping me on the prayer list! I think it's made a difference: after feeling beaten up last year (my cancer diagnosis, my BF lost his job, my job turned negative, and then my BF's father passed away unexpectedly), 2013 has started off much better!

I hope you're doing well!

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Laralyn, Kathy....so good to see your posts.  Matt, thanks for bumping that thread up for me.  Laralyn I actually had seen a few posts from you since I originally posted that thread...so glad to see you doing well.  Wow, you are correct, tough 2012.


Kathy ....well, tough last year for you too and with the recent scares.....but sounds like you are getting to the bottom of it and the bottom ain't so bad :)


I actually just finished my prayer list tonight when I saw this thread Matt bumped up ......so I'm delighted you all stopped by and shared.

I go for a scan tomorrow actually...same thing as Matt just experienced...a little swelling (can't really say it is a lump) on the left side of my neck and some ear pain in the left ear ...so since we are only a few weeks from my scheduled scan ..they bumped me up to tomorrow.  Other than that, I think I am doing fine.....ceratinly I too don't get on a much....I've really been tearing up the woods hunting and cutting wood (my gp is getting upset with me bc I won't back off and my elbows are realllllly hurting) ...but I just love being out there so pphhht :)

keep us posted.

Truly think of you guys often as I do all my CSN friends.



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