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Withdrawal from HRT

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I have been on HRT for over 30 years (I am 65) because of bone loss.

They have to take me off it now because of the cancer. It will be an abrupt cessation of the estrogen and progesterone.

I gather I will go into menopause. Has anyone gone through this - how bad is it? I already have significant anxiety and depression problems. I know it differs with individuals, but has anyone an idea how long it lasts?

This scares me almost as much as the cancer itself.

Thank you again.

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Don't stress over what is a natural process! Yes, we are all different, but for me it was no big deal. I had the heavy, unpreductable periods,and then they stopped. I was about 47. No hot flashes, sweating,bone loss, ect. It was rather liberating! No more pregancies! I had 8, the last child at 42. There are a ton of natural supplements to ask your dr. about. If you have hot flashes,wear layers so you can take off or put on as needed, if you sweat, get a small personal fan, if you tend to gain weight, increase your walking just 5 minutes a day, increase your vitimines and D3 for healing and bone loss. You will be fine. Watch your meds and increase just slightly your anxiety and depression douse with your dr. approvel. Mine lasted about 17 months, and my husband got yelled at more, but I survived and so did he...and so will you!Best, Debrajo

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Your responses have relieved so much anxiety! Thank you!

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I came off HRT as soon as my cancer was diagnosed. Yes, it was a fairly instant menopause, but the symptoms have mainly been hot flashes. I haven't noticed any mood swings or other symptoms.
I never suffered from PMT (pre menstrual tension) symptoms, and I do wonder whether there is a link between PMT and menopause. Some ladies that I know who had bad PMT do seem to have had a worse menopause than I have.
The most important thing is to get off the hormones as they may be "feeding" the cancer if it is hormone receptive. The menopause symptoms are bearable - like the other ladies said, keep a fan handy, dress in layers and, most of all, don't worry about it - it is a perfectly natural occurrence in life!
Kindest wishes

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