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Grouper - From Tampa Bay

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Oooops, sorry the just caught grouper didn't make the photo...

Grouper Nuggets

But the nuggets did....

Here's to my fishing buds....Greg, Hondo, Matt, Pat, Dan, Tuff, AllMost60, Katie, VickieSam, Sea6, BoardwalkGirl....and many more... Oh, and Ditto


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i bet Sweetblood would love to be a guest.

looks great


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Dawn has an open invitation...she's well aware, LOL....

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the end result of your hobby. It is much better to see the cooked version of your catch. Makes me drool to see fried foods. So glad you shared with us. Im eating but not much at any sitting but still thrilled that I can. Keep up the fishing and never hesitate sharing your supper photos, we all need something to keep thriving for.

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Hey John,

I can catch the “red eye” out of Portland tonight arriving at TPA around day break. I know I will need a fishing license, sun screen and plenty of water (I am very thirsty these days, dry mouth and all). I don’t eat much, but could use a smoothie (or 5hour energy) to keep me from collapsing. If you gas up tonight how soon can we be fishing, you see I have to take the “red eye” back to Oregon tomorrow night.

Love your post,


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Boat is already fueled... I do it on my way home from the last trip... (Ethynol thing)...

I'll be on the water by 6:45am...and less than 15 minutes from TPA... Tampa International.

You can actually call in a 1800 number on the water and get licensed up....

Plenty of Bull Frog (sunscreen), more than enough water and ice....

I think we're good to go...give me a holler when yu get in.


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