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Wow, I just checked my email, and all my messages from William are gone. And that's a darn shame, because as we all know he furnished so many of us with such great information. Now I wish I had saved some of them, but didn't ever think it would be an issue. I have a feeling that all of what CSN has done is *technically* with in their right. If we were to read the fine print I'm sure there is something in there that says email is the property of CSN or whatnot. Not that it makes it any better for us, but I just think they've got their bases covered. And to just play devils advocate, they say no religious content, he was warned, and still did it. PLEASE understand that I am in no way defending CSN, but that's what they'll say. I think that we can honor William and Loretta by starting the new group(s) that have been suggested, and let people know that good information can be found at "X" site. But darn William's private email was in those messages they deleted and I want to still keep him up to date on Dave's progress. If anyone would send me his email I would really appreciate it.

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Email me @ rangerfan63@hotmail.com and I will send you his email address. The way things have gone here the past few days I don't want to put his personal email on public display.


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