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Pathology and Follow-up Appointment with Surgeon

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I went to my post-op appointment today. Doctor was confident that the cancer is gone. He referred me to a nephrologist and said that I will have blood work and urinalysis every three months for the next two years. Said he will throw in a few chest x-rays and a ct scan during the two years as well. Good report.

I asked him how long it will be before I feel normal again and he wouldn't give me an answer... go figure :o). He said I should feel strong enough to return to work in two weeks and that I should walk, walk, walk.

Question... For those of you who had a hand assisted laproscopic radical nephrectomy (right kidney)... how long before your insides stopped screaming at you? Just curious.

Thanks for all the support.


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Everybody's recovery is a little different. You just had major abdominal surgery. While you may be back to work, the occasional soreness and swelling will take months to go away. Any thing that doesn't feel right do not hesitate to call you doctor.


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I wish I could help you, but I am exactly a week out from my surgery, so I don't have a lot of experience to draw from. Mine was also hand assisted laproscopic radical nephrectomy but of the left Kidney, 10 cm tumor. I do not have the pathology report yet. Surgical team says they are confident they got it all with clear margins for what that is worth. (Not sure how they can tell unless they are operating with a microscope)

What I can tell you is that I am feeling stronger already, what I did was walk and not spend too much time laying or sitting about. (but don't overdo it) I still have a butt load of pain, but even that is beginning to ebb a bit. I am hopeful that the pain part of it will begin to fade faster as I get stronger.

Hang in there Cheryl, we'll get stronger and feel better in concert.


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With that said, I am 11 weeks out, and my energy is about back to normal. I still have constant discomfort, and pain when flex my abdominal muscles or sneeze....

My company picnic is tomorrow at a theme park. I will forgo the rollercosters this year.

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I also had my right Kidney removed. It was done on April 27th of this year and I still have some phantom pains every now-n-then. I was lucky in that my largest scar wasn't really painful and I did not ever need meds after the third day. (My body takes care of me regarding pain.) Having said that, again I do have some sharp pain once in a while. I keep getting reminded that it was major sugery. Everyone is different so my experience might not match yours. I have taken a page from others books by keeping a journal of my experience including pains when, where I have them and what I am doing. I will present to my doctor the next time I meet with him to see if they are normal for my situation. I thought that was a good idea when I read others doing the same thing. sorry I am not much help.

Good luck.

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