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I've been lurking for 6 months...

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I've been reading this forum since mid-March when my husband of nearly 30 years was diagnosed with stage IV esophageal cancer, with mets to his liver and lung.

I buried him a week ago. I often thought I'd post and introduce myself when things slowed down a bit, but they never did. Despite that, I was so grateful to have found a community of folks who *knew* what we were going through in our family. Following my husband's diagnosis, I was desperate to find information, get up to speed so to speak, in my understanding of this vicious, brutal disease. What I learned here was invaluable, signposts through the maze of hospitalizations, complications, symptoms, choices, procedures, and challenges that a dx of EC brings.

I read the site starting with the first post, forward to today. Along the way I came to care about many people, sufferers and caregivers alike, and depend on the knowledge, advice, personal details, and insight given freely.

I quickly learned to zero in on William's posts. Taken together they were an invaluable how-to reference in fighting against, and coping with, EC. Whether William was banned from the board, or left of his own accord, I feel very sorry for those newcomers who will not have his experience and his well-researched posts to point them in the proper direction, as I did.

It's too late I guess to properly thank William, but I would like to thank everyone else on the board who has chosen to selflessly share of themselves and their knowledge. Each of you will truly never know how many people such as myself and my husband you have helped.

Kathy Robinson
wife of Doug Robinson
3/25/1956 - 8/24/2012

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I too want to welcome you. I am so sorry for your loss.


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I'm very sorry for the loss of your husband. Thanks for coming forward and letting us know how the site helped you. I also found the site and waited a while before posting...until I just had to talk with others dealing with the same thing and it has helped so much. William and Loretta were major contributors and we are all missing them so much already.


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Welcome, Kathy. So sorry for your loss. I lost my mom too. It will be 6 months on Sep 22. Grieving is very difficult for you I'm sure. Glad you posted.

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