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Help needed

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My husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer at the cervical of his espohagus. This was after being treated for laryngeal cancer(laryngectomy and throat reconstruction 3/2011). He was told that due to the location of the tumor that surgery would be very hard due to his previous radiation and surgery. He has since undergone 35 more radiation treatments and 7 chemo treatments in almost the same spot as for the laryngeal cancer (2010). And now we are in a holding pattern until the PET/CT scan on the 18th.

His throat once against is barely open and after a swallow test the doctors said they would do nothing until the PET/CT scan shows he is clear of cancer. He finished his treatment on 7/2 and the mucus is once again very thick and lots of it. This tumor was very small and no spread (just like the tumor on his larynx except that tumor was large but no spread) so we are hoping that the radiation and chemo got it.

Has anyone heard of cancer at the cervical of the esophagus? I know it is rare.

Also has anyone ever had to have two doctors to try and open up the throat. One to go down the throat and the other to go up the esophagus until they meet.

Thanks for any information on these questions.

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While I can't offer you anything to your questions, someone on here might be able.

But, just as an FYI..there is an Esophageal area on CSN for that type of cancer specifically...

Just wanted to let you know so as to get the most responses to your post.


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Hi, Found you by accident.I am an almost five year suvivor of adiocarcinoma esophageal cancer. We do have an esopgageal page also. I can't recall if anyone else has had a similar problem as your husband or not. We have a lot of people there that might can be a help.When my throat closes , They do a dilation to open it, but of course this is after surgery.
I had chemo and an esophagetomy in 2008, and am now cancer free.
Not able to give you much info. but hopefully you can get more from others.

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Unfortunately, I may be on the same road as your husband. In fact, I think I see him over there.

I too had laryngeal cancer, a laryngectomy, and radiation/chemo following the operation. Also a lot of thick mucous and an embarrassing cough. I'm waiting a first post-treatment PET in Oct. My esophagus has been restricted since the radiation (at least). I crush pills, take liquid meds if available, and must chew thoroughly. (Now I know why mother told me to chew my food.) In spite of great care, I get some food stuck about once a week. Luckily, stuck food cannot block the airway, and I can cough it up.

So I have the same challenges, but little in the way of information. Think I'll start visiting the esophageal board. Well, I hope the road is long (rather than a short road leading to a cliff). I'll wave each time I pass your husband. Rick.

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Have been on the EC board but apparently no one really knows about this type of EC cancer and we have been told that due to location it is considered head and neck cancer. Research shows that cancer of the cervical of the esophagus is rare so guess that is why information is hard to find about it.

TobeGolden -- challenges are what we have been going thru since July 2010. I certainly wish my husband could swallow any type of foods but he can't. Well he could eat before this second round of radiation and that took him a long time to be able to eat again from July 2010 until May 2011 he was on a PEG tube just like now and has been since May 2012.


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