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Dear CSN Site Moderator or whatever you are. RE: William and Loretta Marshall

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Listen here Mr or Missus Moderator or whatever you call yourself. What an absolute atrocity you have just comitted in removing William and Loretta. You cannot be serious? You have absolutely NO idea of how much help, comfort and support William and Loretta have been for hundreds of Esophageal Cancer warriors, survivors, caregivers and peeping toms.

If there is anyway in the World you can reinstate them, please do so - if not for them, this site would not be what it is and even I have had my run in with William and I wouldn't trade him for the whole wide world. They have helped more people than all the doctors, surgeons, oncologists, gastro docs, etc. ever have. In fact, our oncologist even came to this site to read some of the material that William had posted.

Is there a petition we can do to get this situation reversed and allow William and Loretta to continue their passion and mission in providing as much information, material, resources, encouragement, support and yes opinions (which are as you know like a body part that everyone has!). If you don't like his opinions (and I myself have disagreed at times), just remember it is his opinion and you can just agree to disagree.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RECONSIDER AND REVERSE THIS DECISION. Do you have an email or contact information you could share so you could read and hear for yourself how many of us are just downright stunned and upset over this decision. By the way - who does decide - isn't this by the people, for the people?

My husband is at home dying and I should be taking care of him, but I heard of this situation from another member and I am so outraged that you would allow this happen.

Sincerely and extremely sad and disappointed,
Judy Reed

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Thank you Judy for taking the time away from Don to support William and Loretta. You expressed yourself perfectly. Thinking about you .....praying for you... you are both FIGHTERS.

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The work around is a new Facebook page for us? Not sure if that's a good option but it is an option I suppose.

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Just so you know. Since the facebook site has limited ability to store historical stuff I am starting a new blog site to upload historical information and reference materials deleted from this site. I hope that people will provide critical information and participate in this site. It is esophagealcancerfighters.com and the email address is ECFIGHTERS@gmail.com. It will take me a few days or a week to get it up and running and I am hoping for contributions posts - I am checking into how to set up a running comment section as well as Q&A's. I am not a tech person but hopefully will be able to get some assistance and support. I would ask that you send any files you have that you think should be included in the library to the gmail address so I can upload them onto the website. I have already paid for a year of service with dream host and am in the process of setting up a WorldPress.org account to help in designing the site.

I remember how essential the INFORMATION on this site was when we were fighting my dad's cancer, not to mention the support and concern and just knowing people got it. And yes sometimes I got my feelings hurt or didn't want to hear the message but I got over it and I took the best from here and forgot the other stuff. I just don't want it to be lost because it isn't CSN that makes this place special its the people that come here!

Anyway - please message me at the gmail address. The email here is neither private nor your own and subject to deletion by the administrator/monitor.

Cindy - ECFIGHTERS@gmail.com

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Emailing you just so I have you on record (you know, in case you get banned). Damn, now I'll probably get banned. Soon there'll be no one left.

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I need William and Loretta as I am newly diagnosed with EC at 55. William has helped me more in the four months since my DX than anyone including my Drs.

I am also outraged at this--reinstate the Marshall's.

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Your're pure awesomeness.

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to take time out of what is a very difficult time for you to post your note to the administrators here on CSN. I kinda doubt that they will reverse their opinion, but one can hope. William was the first to greet me here on the board, and his wise counsel was invaluable. He and I saw a little differently on the MIE vs the THE, but I never let that come between us, and frankly I don't think that he even knew how I felt about it. But I know that he would have supported whatever decision Dave and I made.

On a side note, I tried to find the Facebook page for EC but wasn;t able to. Can someone verify the correct group/contact name. I got some other EC sites, but not what I think is the one everyone here is referring to.

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