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Feel like crying

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I have been on this board for a year now, and there have been many, many times I felt like crying but no more so than today. I CANNOT believe that William and Loretta are banned from this board, it is just so undemocratic. Has it really come to this? Clearly the person or persons who monitor this site have no idea what this site means to us, all of us here just trying to survive. Removing William was cruel, not only to him and Loretta but to all of the rest of us on this board. LIke many others William was the first to welcome me, both privately and publicly. SHerri listed his compassionate and caring acts very well so there is no need to relist them. Instead I want to say REALLY? So now the rest of us who are fighting for our lives can no longer speak freely about how we feel. Gee thanks. That's not what a board like this is all about. WHoever complained about WIlliam {and I have my suspicions} should be the one banned from the board if that's what its come to. If you don't like the opinions of some don't read them, but the last I heard the U>S was still a free country, {I live IN Canada}, apparently not here. God Bless you William and Loretta, but don't give up , we want and need you on this board. I think we should have a vote. Let's everyone say yah or nah if we want them back. My vote is most definetley YES.

ps. maybe i'll get banned now.

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They have my vote as well.

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YES!Yes!! Yes!!!

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Bring them back!!!

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Yes! Bring them back!


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I am not seeing the ones that did not like WIlliam post now?

Interesting. I know many dod not always agree---but it seems that MOST benefitted & appreciated his & Lorettas commitment to HELP others dealing with EC. Maybe we can all stay tuned to this web site, check into Cindy's ECFighters blog when it is up, got to the Facebook csn EC site, go to ECAN.org (Esophageal Cancer survivors Network) ---so that we can all continue to support each other and ESPECIALLY the newbie that are just entering into this frightening journey.

TMCJAY---I thought the same---that I would get banned as well for expressing my opinion...But as we have seen, we are not in the minority!--well maybe the ones that would rather keep the Marshalls banned are not posting? I wonder if their numbers & potential contributions to the American Cancer Society are more than the rest of us!?

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I hope William finds a place where he can bring comfort and hope like he did here. As for a vote. Well, witholding donations to a group is a kind of vote.
I could cry to. Some things are just not right.

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Yes me too!
William has been the one we all go to for help, compassion and honesty.
William is one of the handful of people here who really knows what he is
talking about.
We may not always agree with him, but his opinion and judgement has been
a life saver for many of us.
Come back soon William and SHAME ON YOU CSN!

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I don't like William. He was unjust cruel and mean when I was a newbie. He never welcomed me just pulled out all his guns and opened fire.

But that was 3 years ago.

I vote bring them back.

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