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Another Brick In The Wall Pt.1

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Well, as I start my second week in the hospital the onc told me no chemo this week. They don't want to beat me up with a double whammy of chemo on top of everything else. I started to have terrible diarrhea this morning and instead of lomotil after every BM up to 20 a day, I get 2 tablets every 4 hours which doesn't do any good at all. So far I've gone through a good half dozen pair of Depends and three pair of pajama bottoms. When the onc comes in today I'm going to talk to him about a dosage that will do something.

On top of the diarrhea, I also got pretty sick tonight. It was bad enough that I had to use the panic button to have a nurse come in and get me back to bed. After that I was pretty much a wet dishrag for about an hour or so.

We've set the goals for my discharge: my lab values need to be within range (magnesium is finally starting to come up); maintain my oxygen saturation at 90% or higher on room air, and; no fevers for 24 hours. I also spoke with the Social Worker today and she's going to set in motion getting some home care for me after I'm discharged.

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So sorry to hear that you are still having a rough go of it

Praying that you can soon meet your discharge goals.

Glad that you are going to have some help once you get home until you are able to manage on your own.

Wishing you an easier time in the days to come than you have had in the ones gone by.


Marie who loves kitties

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Sorry for the rough time your having. I hope the nurse are treating you well. Is Lulu still with you? I hope you get that o2 up and escape that place soon!
Sandy :)

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Doc, Isn't it great that you have the option of getting the care you need when you need it. I hope that you can meet the medical goals for discharge soon. Sounds like a little help at home would not hurt either. ((HUGS)) and prayers for comfort and healing, Art

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Doc sorry to hear this, Is it the meds they're giving you for pneumonia that's causing the diarrhea?? Hope they can find something to give you some relief from this.

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Thanks for the update Doc. Hope they get your bowels under control today. Along with everything else you are going through, it's no fun to have the runs when you can't run! Keep your chin up and know that we are all praying for your recovery so you can head home. Glad you get home help too.
Take care,

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Sounds like you are having a terrible time. I hope sometime today the good Lord above will smile upon you with his grace and give you some relief. I am glad you will be getting home health care ~ I will pray that you continue to heal so you can be blessed to head home where you belong. Take care Doc.


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chemo based diarrhea is serious, goodluck luck.
some natural remedies can help ie grated apple thats got oxidised.
google it, but a good natural doc needs to advise on the others.

goodluck, keep up the electrolytes, coconut water water and pink sea salt is a place to start.


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Sorry to hear that you are still there and still so ill. It's a good idea that you will have someone checking on you when you get home. Is there a neighbor that can also do that for you? Hoping that you get to feeling better real soon. Thanks for the update.


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and glad to hear you'll have some assistance at home - use it.

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Sounds like a rough time and further emphasises that you are in the right place for the moment. Diarrhoea may be due to the antibiotics you are on so hope settles soon. I sense your impatience to get home but make sure you are proper better before you go anywhere.


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Guess I'll always be young at heart. But, seriously, I just wanted to add my support and wish that you can kick this in the butt and get to go home. Glad that you will be having some help.



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I am sorry to hear you are still not really feeling better.

Get better buddy..

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The onc came in today and said that the insurance company was starting to get pissy about the treatment I'm getting and what can be done at home. So I'm being sent home first thing tomorrow morning against my will. I've already got the wheels in motion to have home care when I get there. I spoke with my patient advocate at the Insurance company and she's going to do some checking to see if there's something that can be done to make sure I get the care that I need right now.

Yes, I'm certain that the diarrhea is a side effect of the antibiotics so I'm eating more yogurt and trying to get some probiotic supplements. And the diarrhea and vomiting, I'm going to need fluid replacement. Fortunately I'm set up at home for the if needed. I'm plenty irked about all of this and if I end up back here in a week in worse shape I'm going to hold the insurance company responsible.

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Wow...can they do that???

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Hi Doc, No milk products because that can make the diarrhea worse, You need grated apple with cinnamon, Lomotil always worked for me, and then rice and rice water.
Wish I was closer to help out.
Make sure that you keep hydrated by taking little sips of anything, tea, water etc every 10 minutes.
Lots of hugs and healing send your way from Canada,

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ahhhh that is so the pits......

just to repeat Marjan.....try BRAT....mushed bananas, a little rice, apple sauce and later some dry toast.....no butter....drinking the water that rice has been boiled is good too

hoping you get some good care at home


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Well that just sucks...
I am so sorry that the insurance company can do this.. but that is what they did to me too last year when I had my surgery..
But you must be feelling pretty good to put up a fight..
I wish you the best. and I am sending you peace and light and energy to recover.. and feel better.

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sending you home when you're still having so many difficult symptoms. These insurance companies just plain suck sometimes. Please watch out for dehydration if you're home and still having a lot of diarrhea. That just about did me on more than one occasion and it can happen very quickly. I hope you have plenty of help at home, somebody who can serve you refreshing drinks on a silver platter. Hugs and healing~Ann Alexandria

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Hey Doc, checking in to see how your doing today? Hang tough

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I am often amazed at the reports about insurance company actions. I am sorry to hear that at this point there is a problem with the "Bean Counters" in the "Crystal Palaces." Doc, I am glad to hear that there may be home care waiting for you. Please do stay hydrated since diarrhea and nausea can, as you well know, be a harsh combination. Take care of yourself. Hoping that you can stay at home and not end up back in the hospital or ER in a week or less. Prayers of healing and comfort coming your way.

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there should be a process you can go thru to stay in the hospital when you feel you should not be discharged. 6 yrs ago the ins wanted to kick my Mom out of the hospital. we were told we could file with the hospital for an extension. our request would be brought up at a board meeting which a decision could take 14 days. then if that failed we could file for a review. the good part is that the pt is NOT responsible for any charges even if the decision goes against you. we were lucky bc when the hospital found out we were going to file they got the ins co to back off. now it might be different today. i can not remember what government agency i called to get the info. hope this helps.

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This stinks that your still fighting this problem. I'm praying you get through this right away. You are a real fighter though so hang in there. Ill be thinking and praying for you're full recovery. Jeff

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I'm sorry for all the trouble you're having right now. Praying you will improve soon!


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This attitude of getting people out early is such a false economy as you say there. Is a risk you will end up back in if you go home too early. Anyway, I guess if it is outside your control you simply need to make the most of it and enjoy being back in your own environment.

Hope it goes well and that you find a nice home care nurse to flirt with,

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Kenny H.
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Teacher leave this kid alone!
Man you dont need any more bricks. Beware of the dehydration from all the diarreea. Keeping you in my thoughts, any relief yet?

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Thanks Kenny. Before I was checked out I had to ask the head nurse repeatedly about fluid replacement because of the diarrhea. She got very pissy and said I didn't need it because my labs were fine. She was the only nurse on the floor the entire 10 days I was in that I just didn't like.

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