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hernia question

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Glad to be done
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I have a question for people who have had hernias. A couple weeks ago I was helping my boys clean their rooms and we cleaning out dresser drawers, getting up and down. Well they last time I stood up my back hurt (more like pain in my left butt cheek lol). It was sore for a c oouple days. I was thinking it was my sacreliliac sinc I had this pain before so I was doing the stretching exercises. Then a couple days later I turned around quick and felt something pop. On and off since then I have had the pain in my "Butt" and abdomen on and off... Nothing that is really bad pain. Just ache. Do you think this could be a hernia? I noticed last night after walking alot at work yesterday it didn't hurt too much.

Having never had a hernia I don't know how they feel.

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I had one, and it bulged, particularly when stressed (coughing or lifting my head when lying down). I think I have another, because i felt something "pop" and now I can feel a slight but distictive bulge in my belly when I cough.

You may have pulled a muscle or torn an adhesion (having had abdominal surgeries, we're full of adhesions). I've felt those tear as well - that would be my guess. In that case, it will be tender until it heals, but there is nothing to do for it.

However, I don't pretend to be a dr, and if you have any questions or concerns, it is always worth getting it checked out.


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2timothy1 7
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Thought I had hernia one time. Dr pushed in on the bulged area to see if it went into my abdomen any. She said if it were a hernia it would go back in some when pushed on. It was not a hernia in my case. It was an infected pocket that had to be drained. Hope this helps.
Hows work going?

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Hi, I just had my hernia repaired three weeks ago. It was a vague pain in one specific area of my abdomen that REALLY hurt if someone pressed on it. Mine did not bulge out because the top layer of muscle was intact, there was a second layer underneath where there was a two inch diameter hole. it was very obvious on the CT scan.
I read alot about hernias before my operation. I found out that there are several different types. Mine was caused by the surgery I had to remove my ovaries, etc. laparoscopically.
You should google hernias, do a little reading about them and call your doctor. Any kind of pain like you are decribing needs to be checked out, especially as a cancer survivor.
Good luck, hope you feel better soon. Kelly

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