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75 Hats ready to go tomorrow

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Well I think I went a little over-board making hats.

I have 25 hats ready for UM Sylvester Cancer Clinic downtown and 15 ready for UM Cancer Center in Kendall. Kendall is the CTU where I took my chemo and downtown is where I see my onc. I have another 20 ready for the League Against Cancer a nonprofit clinic that takes care of patients that don't have insurance and the last 15 are for a very special "Kindred Spirit".

I saw my GYN on Tuesday and I see my onc tomorrow and I know my onc is going to chew me out because I gained weight while we were on vacation. Oh well such is life.

Hugs to all
Wish me luck


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How wonderful of you to provide for warm cozy heads for pink sisters in the coming cool/cold weather!
I hope you get good reports at your checkups.

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What a sweet, caring and generous sister you are! I thank you for all that you do and all that I know you will still do! Anyone that receives one of your gifts, a gift from your ♥, is so blessed!

Wishing you good luck tomorrow! Tell your oncologist that I said that everyone gains weight on vacation. That is a rule that we have to! lol

Sue :)

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WOW! I am so impressed! And how wonderful of you to take your precious time to do this for us "baldies".....lol. I have both knitted and crochets years ago...I could only make afghans....just back and forth...never anything complicated.....so I understand how much time is involved....

You're a jewel for doing this!
Big hugs, Nancy

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75? Wow is right! Thank you Donna for crocheting all of those hats! Love the picture of them.

With admiration,


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I have to say kudos to you Donna! To make all of those hats for chemo patients is so giving. I don't know many like you and am so glad that I do know you, if just from this site.

Good luck with your doctor's appointment

Hugs, Jan

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at 11:00

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Job well done. So, so proud of YOU.

They are absolutely beautiful .. You will changed the lives of 75 children.

Vicki Sam

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for you to do. Now that I am retired I am going to look for some way to help local "sisters". Thank you for being such a caring person.


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This is just so great that you do this Donna!

Lots of hugs,


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I can't believe you made 75 hats Donna and the ones in your new avatar are beautiful!

You will put a lot of smiles on the faces of those that get one!

Hugs, Angie

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Megan M
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I admire you so for taking your time and making all of these wonderful hats for chemo patients. You have a heart of gold!

Love you Donna,


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You did go overboard, but, that's because you love doing it Donna. I can't add more than what the other sisters have written, that you are amazing and a big thank you to you!

Some just seem to only be concerned about themselves and I just wish they would see what even they could do, if they would think of others.

Hugs, Noel

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You are so caring to do this Donna! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

xo Kylez

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