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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

Fundraising ideas?

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My father was recently diagnosed with cancer. This is the fourth time in the last 10 years he's been diagnosed. He's had three types of cancer (lymphoma, melonoma, and liposarcoma, and the last one came back. He's been so brave throughout all his treatments, but he's starting to lose hope. He was laid off after the first time he had cancer, and was unemployed the second time. He was starting to look for jobs again the third time he was diagnosed, and before the fourth he was taking classes to do some seasonal temp work. Now he's collecting all of his insurance and bank records for my brother, mother, and I. It's heartbreaking to watch, and I want to show him that there's always hope left. My father used to be an amazing scientist. He used to do life-saving research, including viral and cancer research. Nobody deserves to have cancer 4 times.

The cancer has been difficult on my family, as with any family. Financially, the cost of treatment with limited medical assistance (due to unemployment) has been devistating. With the recent access I have been granted to my family's financial records, I now know that my father has very little money left for retirement. Certainly not enough on which to retire, and probably little more than to pay for another round of cancer treatment. My mother still works, and helps to care for my father's elderly mother, whose own husband passed away from stomach cancer in 2007.

Emotionally, this is even harder. My father is the fifth direct generation to get cancer. He watched his own father die of it while he was in remission. He cared for me while, as a child, I was diagnosed and treated for fibrosarcoma at the Mayo Clinic.

I am scared, and sad, and I want to do something. I thought that perhaps if I did some fundraising, I might help them at least pay for some of the medical expenses that they will incure.

So I am looking for ideas. I have never done a fundraiser and I don't know what it entails, or even how to start. Any help would be appreciated. I work full-time, so I have limited time, but I am willing to put in hours every week to organize something.

Thanks in advance for your ideas.

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I am sorry that you find yourself here on the boards we never wanted to be a part of. Just being there wil be very important for your family. I can understand your concern about your generation as far as cancer is concerned. It does seem like some people and families get hit by it more often than others. You may want to be particularly vigilant and take an active role in your medical care cancer caught early is almost always curable.As for fund raising, I live in a small community which seems to respond well when they know of a need. If you are church people, you might ask them to plan a fundraiser. Friends may also want to help you. Check with the American Cancer Society. They can help with mileage. It is sad how much medical treatments cost, and it is one of the major reasons for bankruptcy. Good luck, Fay'

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Your family has been through so much. It doesn't seem fair. Take care of your dad best you can. A few ideas for you. But being both a daughter to a cancer mom, and widow now of cancer husband, just make sure the event will make your Dad happy. My husband was overwhelmed at how much support from our parish and neigbhors gave him, it really boosted his spirits.
Watch you time though.
Think about who would come, and what types of things they like.
Think about what sounds good, but good be too much work.
Be ready to let other people help. The events I've been to, and ran really well are special when every one feels a part of it.

Here's a general list of who you might need regardless of type of event.
someone to handle money
there are free websites to help you setup registration
someone to help get the word out.
1. 5K run
- popular if your group is younger and you can do it before it gets cold.
Need - some sponsors for water, oranges
a place for the Run
possibly a permit, though they shouldn't charge you, ask them to donate permit fee.
walkers and runners
2. Bike Run
Basketball shot - setup at another event, like soccer game or football game and charge for people to take 10 shots at basketball. maybe raffle off an ipod to raise additional funds

3. Wining for a cure
- smaller group, everybody brings a bottle of wine, and you use dixie cups and do some wine tasting, lots of fun
4. Beef and beer with 50/50 and a few chance baskets to chance off - careful this can be very fun but takes up time to organize
5. Bake sell, lemonade, or this time of year sell pumpkins around another event.
These you don't have to setup everything the crowd is coming to an existing event.
6. neighborhood block party - everyone brings their own basket of food and cooler. Setup some outside games for kids, ask for donation (with a $5 or $10) suggestion. Ask firehouse to come. Most firehouses will come for free.
People to ask for events - as mentioned ask the ACS, make sure you tell them money is to go to your father's fund.
- Any local music bands
- call your township building and ask for ideas or things they might be able to help with.
-Relay for Life (cancer group)
-Fire department in your area
- social worker at your Dad's place of care
- your place of worship
- Nights of Columbus
- your high school or your dad's high school. (if you are still in the area)
- if you have a local lake or beach, and its now off season, sometimes they will work with you on a fun day for charity.
-any group your dad has been in , such as Sons of Italty or Irish club, or volunteer club

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Thank you so much for the ideas. That really gives me a lot to think about. I appreciate all of your support.

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American Cancer Society Hope Lodge can help with saving some money while travelling for treatments


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