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Hi everybody well tomorrow will be my first CT scan since treatment i'm not going to lie i'm pretty nervous they said if i get a good clean ct scan the pet should be clean as well i'm sure they will be doing the scope i hate that thing well please keep me in your prayers i feel like i'm starting to get back to normal.Thank You

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Of course you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Stay positive and keep us posted.

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Good luck tomorrow, just had my 3rd scan since tx over...not sure the anxiety ever goes away.
Blessings and good mojo for you tomorrow.


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D Lewis
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I'd like to say that the scope gets easier with time, but, um, no it doesn't. On a brighter note, it is possible to become more accustomed to the doctor shoving his fingers down your throat to palpate the base of your tongue.

Here's hoping your CT Scan is clean and clear.


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Hey Matt
The first scan is like trying to drive the first time or take your first flight. It is nerve racking, but the outcome, when all good, will give you a real new high also. We all felt the same way you do, but all will be good.
thoughts with you..

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prayers coming your way..........

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Tonsil Dad
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God will be with you Matt, thats all you need.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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You just know I had to comment on the photo...., it's aweeesome. On the water, my kind of guy foo sho...


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I have good vibes....CT should be good to go, PET will follow suit.

I haven't really had a problem with the scopes... I'm to a point I don't even have him use the spray to numb it up.

Just lube it up and away we go....EEEEE

As a matter of fact... I was scoped today about 4:00.... good to go, see me again in three months, cha ching$$$.


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Hi Matt,

Scan time already, oh how time flies. Here’s hoping you have a nice clean scan tomorrow and all the scans to come. I am still confused on the CT or the PET scan, guess I should do some research. Anyway, relax and I am putting you in my pocket for tomorrow.



P.S. John are you sure about no spray? Last week at the ENT (even after spray) it hurt so bad and that was the first time it did hurt. Something about less mucus and such.

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Will do...you will have a great CT .....!!

Prayers for you my friend...



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I have had spray in the past, but it adds a good 10 - 15 minutes. He sprays, leaves you wait.......then he comes back and scopes you.

No spray, in and out with a scope and 10 minutes total.

I've never had a problem, though he has been really fast since he did the Septoplasty last December...straight shot now...no more S curves,


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I wish you a good CT! Prayers coming your way!


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You have such an upbeat positive attitude....I know in my heart all will be good with you come what may. But saying this praying for a clean CT today for you my friend ! And that scope is a minor inconvience compared to whar you've already been through...though it does feel very funky going in and down. Katie

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