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Esophageal Cancer Surgery

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Hello, I am Active Duty Master Sergeant in the US Army. To make a long story short. My DR. saw Barrett's in Jan and it came out + for ESO CA, I had 2 GI Procedures to remove it and 2 Negative Biopsies' for Feb - May. The last appointment I had on Aug 7th is showing "High Grade Dysphasia" in the mucosa. With that being said, I have elected to have my Esophagus removed!!! After 4 procedures and in a 7 month time frame CA is "Trying to form up" I came across this site looking for recovery information and it is good to see great recover information from survivors.

How did I get CA you ask. From years of GERD/Acid Reflux!!! I was going to get my knee checked out and my Dr asked why i was taking Prilosec, I explained it was for Acid Reflux. She asked had I been scoped in the past, I replied, Nope, no one told me I needed one, just Prilosec, she when in to the damage that could be done from years of reflux, she scheduled me for a EGD and Colonoscopy...and caught early stage I ESP CA only on the mucus and no tissue or surrounding organs!!!! Praise but now God has spoken again and I got it...I weighed all the options and it is time to nip it in the bud!!!

Thank you for letting me vent.

Army Strong


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