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What CSN Means to Me

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I often recommend these boards to others because they have helped me through the hardest time in my life so far. I will always be thankful that I found them even though I wish I had found them sooner. I came here often while my husband was fighting his last battle with cancer. The support I was given by those who understood and truly got what I was going through was invaluable. I keep coming here because I hope to help others as so many helped me. I can also vent on my bad days. I could go on with my praises, but I'd like to see what CSN has meant to others. Please post how it has helped you, why you come here. Let's let the American Cancer Society know how much we appreciate these boards.

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My husband fought brain cancer for 15 months. It was helpful to read postings by those traveling the same path. Since his death I have come to Grief and Bereavement. I want you to know Fay that your postings have lifted me up on some of my darkest days. You help me to believe there will be better days ahead and I thank you.


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I think I've been on here about as long as you have. I came on in the beginning of 2010 when my husband was diagnosed in Jan. with lung cancer. He died in March after a very rare side effect from Avastin where he hemmorraged. It was a horrible death and something I will never forget. And I remember you were also dealing with your husbands illness.
Don't remember how I even came across CSN, but it was a great website and still is not only for patients, but also caregivers. The support that is given here is unbelievable. That's why after almost 2 &1/2 years, I still find myself coming on here. Not long ago, another friend, Glenna Ross, who I met on here passed away. I cried when I heard the news. Funny how none of us have ever met, but yet we are like a "family". It's probably because we can all relate to how we feel.
Thank you CSN for all your support!! Carole

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The board has been a place to come when I could not find understanding anywhere else. My family still does not get it and probably never will. So this has been the place for me to say whatever I feel without fear of judgment. Grandmafay you have been an online grandma for me and your warmth radiates even in online form.
I keep coming back to see if there is anything I can say or any learning I can pass on to make someone else's journey a litle bit easier.

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These boards helped me understand the cancer journey. As a man and husband I want to fix things. As an engineer I want to solve problems. The boards helped me, even though I struggle with it, that as much as I wanted to 'fix' it for my wife, cancer has eluded the best minds since the beginning of time and I was no smarter than they. I could support her, but not 'fix' the problem for her. Just having the knowledge, and reading the stories of all on CSN helped me to get into a support mindset and not a 'fix-it' mindset.
Now it is a place I come to for support for myself. I am glad for the caregivers forums. It is not only misery that loves company. Shared experience is a powerful, even if temporary, solace.

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