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I need your prayers

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Joined: Mar 2011

Cancer has come back to my thyriod.I be seeing the doc tomorrow to see the next step. Here we go again

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Prayers are headed your way. Let us know when you know more. Judy

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Joined: May 2009

So sorry to hear the beast is back....do you know yet what type of cancer is present in your thyroid?

Keep us posted, we care....hang in there...
Hugs, Nancy

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Joined: Oct 2009

Sending prayers!

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Joined: Jun 2008

You have my prayers. So sorry to hear your news. xoxoxo Lynn

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Joined: Jun 2009

I am so sorry to read this.

Sending prayers,


Posts: 4376
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double post

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and prayers

New Flower
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I am very sorry. Please do not give up. As you know I am currently undergoing Chemo therapy for a second time as cancer has progressed to my bones. Take someone with you to your appointment . It is hard news to face and even more shocking than first time around
Hugs and prayers
New Flower

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I will be praying for you and adding you to our prayer list at church.

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Prayers, love, and hugs to you.


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You've got my prayers, support and lots of positive thoughts!


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Surgery is the first choice in treating thyroid cancer. It generally divides to total thyroidectomy, subtotal thyroidectomy and thyroid ablation etc. Surgery normally is hard to remove all the thyroid tissues, some lesions may exist in remaining thyroid tissues, which may become hidden danger of recurrence.

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I'm so sorry that you now have thyroid cancer. I will be praying for you!

RE's picture
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You have my prayers, so sorry this has happened please keep us posted!


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Lots and lots of prayers!

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Joined: May 2012

We wanted you well. Oh dear sister, don't give up like New Flower said. She has gone through so much and she has struggled to her feet after each blow. You must be at a very low point in disappointment right now, but you will have seen the doctor by now and will have an idea of moving forward.

Please hold on to our hands. We will help to pick you up when you are falling. Let us know as soon as you are able to post so that we can encircle you in our care.

Gentlest hugs holding you,

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So sorry that you have to deal with another battle against the beast. Keep positive,
and please keep us posted when possible.

Gentle hugs, prayers and Strength my dear Sister in PINK.

Vicki Sam

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My thoughts and prayers are with you and for you!

ladyg's picture
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Joined: Apr 2010

hear your news. No one should have to fight the beast more than once. I will keep you in my thoughts.


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I am so very sorry to read your latest news.



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Like everyone says the beast can strike at any time. I had my thyroid out in November of 2009. It was not bad. I take a couple of pills in the morning, and it has never been a issue since, within 6 months you couldn't even find the scar unless it was pointed out.

I wish you the best and prayers to you,

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Hugs & prayers for you!

Frankie Shannon
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Joined: Oct 2011

My thoughts and prayers are coming your way.
Hugs Frankie

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