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^th BIG treatment down

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I have finally gotten my 6th BIG treatment behind me!!! It has been rough but I'm on the recovering side now. I had an unexpected overnight stay in the hospital Friday night with a small blood clot in my lung. Now on Coumidin(sp) for 6 months. White counts have bottomed out so Neupogen again this week. BUT no more Taxotere and Carboplatan to deal with!! My journey is far from over but one hurdle down!!! Thank you Lord for holding me up!!!

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And yes, Praise the Lord! I was on Coumadin din last year....yuk! It made me cold all the time..... And I was told not to eat grapefruit, no spinach, kale, etc....etc...and not to use Advil, or anything like Advil or Aspirin....Coumadin thins the blood and these can thin the blood even more...not a good thing...ask your doctor for a list of things that are a no....

Wishing you the best,
Hugs, Nancy

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Happy that your done with your last big treatment! God is good!

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Prayers and hugs,


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Well done you! It's so nice to hear some positive news even if your fight isn't finished. Here's to your next hurdle being conquered.


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oh to be free from Taxotere!! You are to be congratulated. I have 2 more of that horrible poison to go through and don't feel I have the strength any more. So happy to hear you made it!

Thank you Lord for holding her up!

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Yes, taxol and taxotere are chemo drugs to be reckoned with -- they sent me thru
the ringer --, spin cycle and wore me out. As time goes on you will become stronger
and stronger -- you chemo brain will also clear up -- and life will look a little brighter!

Job well done -- give yourself a pat on the back -- another milestone has been

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Lots of prayers and hugs!

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