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How do you gain weight without sugar

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Hello..it's me again. This time I want to know how you gain weight. I started at 185, very overweight. I didn't lose any lbs during chemo and radiation. But since the surgery in April 2011, I've lost. I feel pretty good. I'll loved shopping for all the new clothes shopping at first, so nice things fit. But I'm getting tired of having to buy new sizes very 3 months.I just don't feel hungry ( very new experience for me..lol) if I eat just a little to much I feel yucky for about 30 min. I can not tolerate sugar at all it seem. So nuts, berries, fruit that's what I nibble on all day. I do have a small meal in the afternoon. And here's the weird part..popcorn I eat it almost every night. A whole bag! Never a problem. Anyway, also, supplements do not agree either. Milk is the other problem I seem to have developed since surgery. Any helpful suggestions?

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My dad is Stage IV, so surgery wasn't an option, but he does have a FABULOUS nutritionist. Almond milk unsweetened is a good replacement for milk. I switched to it when my dad did so when he comes over, he has something to drink. It's good, I like it. Mostly the things I have read about is to not eat when you're hungry, but eat by the clock. Others will have more info... just thought I'd share about the Almond Milk.

Best wishes,

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After my surgery and chemotherapy I also had difficulty regaining the weight I had lost. I also had issues with sugar and dairy products. I found that I had to eat small amounts much more frequently than I was used to. I now eat approximately 7 times a day. My typical daily menu is:

8 AM --- 1/2 bagel with cream cheese and two scrambled eggs
12 PM --- 1/2 sandwich -turkey and cheese
2 PM ----- Sweet and Salty Granola bar
3 PM ----- Banana Strawberry Smoothie
6 PM ----- 4 oz Meat 1/2 cup Vegetable Roll
8 PM ----- Peeled apple cut into sections
9 PM ----- 1 cup of frozen yogurt

I have now gained back some of the weight I lost. I am almost three years post surgery. It does take time and I am never hungry. Sometimes food appeals to me because I like the taste but I don't think I have ever experienced hunger since my surgery.

So I think of food as fuel my body needs and I have to use the clock and my reminder to eat.

You will note I eat more later in the day than in the morning. I do this because I found that I was much more likely to have "dumping issues" in the morning. Not sure why and it may just be me. But I have found that since I made the change to eat less in the morning I almost never have dumping issues anymore.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
Grand Blanc, Michigan

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This sounds very much like something I might b able to do. Isn't funny never getting hungry. I was always wanting to dine out..now I can never think of anything that sounds good and if I do it's mostly from memory, I usually back out because it's such a waste of money. Maybe I'll try tha almond milk someone suggested. I was maintaining pretty well until the last couple months, I've lost 7 Lbs since April. Hope it doesn't turn out to be the stupid cancer again. I have a scan the 18th so that should tell the story. Well I'm off to the kitchen! Lol

Flint MI
2010 Dec dx

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My guess is that each of us will have different experiences with eating after treatment and surgery. I only had a small part of my Esophagus and about 1/6 of my stomach removed so I can eat more than most at a meal. But we all have issues with sugar and dairy products. But there again there will be differences. I can't drink very much milk or have much milk with cereal but I can sit down and eat a bowl of ice cream with no problem. I can eat small chocolate based candy bars like Milky Way Minis and the like but only 1 or 2 at a time. Still I eat smaller meals but don't keep a strict schedule about when I eat. I tend to eat a decent breakfast and then keep busy most of the morning, have lunch about 12 and then will start snacking every 2 hours or so until a couple of hours before I plan to go to sleep. I haven't gained any weight doing this but I also haven't lost any either. There is a diet published by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center that might be a good place for you to maybe start with an eating plan. Take care, hang tough and Never Ever Give Up

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for me it was two things, eat lots of protein (or drink it a couple times a day) and eat lots of good fatty foods like avocados and fatty fish like salmon. Then like Paul said eat frequently and on a schedule. I use soy milk for my cereal and to make my fruit smoothies with rather then dairy. No digestive issues and it has more protein then dairy milk. I started out weighing about 210 and am now at a comfortable 180 and plan to maintain that weight.


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Thanks for taking the time to reply to my questions. I'm starting today! All good ideas. The soy or almond milk will be a plus. I'm going to try my best to stay where I'm at now. Started at 185 , which was overweight for me. I'm now at 133. It's a good weight for me but I don't want to go down to much more. So I will take all the advise given and hope for the best.

I'll let you all know how my scan goes in a couple weeks

Flint, Mi

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