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Nipple tattoos, any advice?

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In a few months, my new set will be ready for the tattoos. Not sure if I should educate myself on my options to possibly get them done outside of my healthcare plan. My surgeon says that my HMO has a woman who does it for free, but I am hesitant because I want them to be nice. I don't want them generic, but alittle spiffy. Does it really matter?

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Hey, Of course it matters! I'm only really new on this site but I've learnt very quickly that knowledge is key. I live in the UK so things here are probably a little different, and perhaps not so up to date, but I'm doing as much research as I can into methods which will make me feel good again. I've only briefly looked at tattooing, as I was considering having my eyebrows done, but I know from my research not all artists are as good at each thing or charge the same. Obviously, if you've got a chance of having it done for free that's a big plus but, I'd definitely ask to see some results and compare with other options before going for it. I'd definitely look at other methods too just to be absolutely certain before you go for it. Afterall, you'll have the result for a very long time!

Good luck to you.

P.S. I notice you live in paradise out in Hawaii - I got married a couple of years ago in Honolulu so have very happy memories of the area

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I highly recommend finding a GOOD professional tattoo artist to do them. It takes a half an hour, should cost around $100 or less (most tattoo artists have $100/hr fees but mine charged $50 since it didnt take long). At my plastic surgeon's office - i would have picked a color off of a chart and they would have colored it in. No depth, no shading. Mine actually look like REAL nipples, im amazed at how well they turned out.
Best of luck to you!

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Thanks for keeping me going, it wears you down after awhile. I'll do more research and ask questions to find out what their plan is. Yes, I will also ask for photos.
Thanks, Ladies!!


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