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Honey I shrunk the food

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Tonight went with Diane and family to local Pub, 1st time I have been in a food establishment since I started treatment in May. I ate a portion of a baked potato and about a 1/4 of Dianes hamburger, and 1 fried pickle and lots of water. Taste was not 100% but not zero either. I post this that there is the other side and to my fellow CSN pals that are Newbies as we called ourselves. If you check Ditto 1 post dating back to April, there were times I thought this day would never return, and although I have a long ways to go to really be back to the good ole days, I also elect to enjoy what I was given today. I remember Skiffin commenting about a Burger King Double Cheese burger, thats still on my dream list. Either way as I wrap up just wanted to say hang in there to all of us and as many of the ones who have come before me and said similar comments, that I was not sure would be true for me, yes at least for tonight it was.

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Even with a mouth full of sores, I'm absolutely starving this week. 1/4 of a hamburger....what a dream meal!! Yum.....

Ok, now tell me about "fried pickles"....I am a BIG pickle fan (last night I dreamt of pickle slices on a slice of sharp chedder cheese)....a fave snack of mine............so what is a fried pickle....they sound like something I'd like.


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During my rads when I lost all taste except for radishes and broccoli, go figured,it was frustrating to eat l could still smell everything ..so I anyway. The first time I ate smooth peanut butter, I screamed because I could taste it. LOl , funny how one of the things we all take for granted, is so devastating when gone. D1 taste something new everyday,


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you are right something we just took for granted. I was looking around at other people eating and I thought wow I remember when I could just eat a whole 1/2 pound hamburger and fries and it took maybe 10 to 15 minutes and I may still have pop left over. So yes a long way to go. In fact I have a question for folks, does there come a day for some where we do get back to eating like we use to, a full meal in a reasonable time. Im ok with the extra fluids, but Ive heard many say they get back their taste buds and some their saliva but not sure if anyone got back to eating a full meal like cancer never happened or will we always have to shop off the Kiddies menu. P51 Diane and the Kids love the Fried Pickles I think its sour chip pickles dipped in batter (not sure what kind) and deep fried, I just was ready to take a shot and to my surprise with a dip of Ranch Dressing it was not to bad. My thoart is fine, I think some of my eating issues are the dentist only left me 8 teeth top and bottom so getting used to food on my gumms in the cheeck areas.

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A milestone :-) Can't wait for P51 to get to eat again, I'm putting my money on Mexican fare for her first meal.

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Gumming my way through life...lol ! Yes I think we will all get there some day soon. Us newbee's are just experiencing life through new eyes. The little things we took for granted just a few months ago, seem like enormous hurdles to jump over today. But saying this I was really good at the hurdles back in school (eons ago !). Hoping soon you'll be enjoying a meal that you've been dreaming of ! Katie

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