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Surgery is over and now recuperating

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Hi, I am finally back on here to let you know how im doing. Had surgery Aug. 28 and came home friday Aug 31. Surgery for Lap partial neph is over and i am doing good I think. Been having a battle with nausea for several days, just drinking fluids and trying to stay hydrated. Have not got path report back yet should be tomorrow. Just let my friends know how i am doing. Still have to have pain meds everyday trying to get away from them. But you all know pretty much how i feel after this surgery. Will let you know when I hear from path report. Thanks for your encouragement. Sue

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Sorry about the initiation. There is no way to sugar coat the surgery. Pain is just part of the initiation. Too much pain medication can make you nauses. Too little can be painful. You have to find the unhappy madium. At least know you can tell people thar you had cancer, not that you have it. There will be a few bumps in the road, but you well feel a little better each day.


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Glad to hear that you are home recovering now. It takes a while to get over the effects of the surgery and anthestia. Just drink plenty of fluids and walk as much as you can. You will be back to your old self before long. Don't worry about the pathology results but let us know what you find out.


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Hi Sue,

Now that wasn't so bad was it??? Yeah right!! Drink plenty of water, 1/2 gallon per day, and walk as much as you can, start with several short walks and work your way up, both help your body and mind through the recovery process. You've just had major surgery, it will take time to return to "normal", but each day brings you closer, it won't be long before you've forgotten most of the bad stuff and this will be nothing more than a bump in the road.

Hang in there,


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Most likely the hardest part of this journey is over Sue. Congratulatons on joining the CSN honor roll. Keep your head and spirits up and let us know when the pathology report arrives.

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Hope you are out and about very soon

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