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Can't go to Oct. Retreat - Bummer!

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As 'older' ones here know I go to Retreats every 6 mnths at Ft. Meade (SD) and get so much from each one. Well this Oct. They are limiting who (and how many) can attend and it is limited to only those who have not attended a Retreat before - so that let's me out.

The main purpose of the Retreats (privately funded primarily by DAV though on Va facility), is for women Vets and cxollaterals of Vets DX'd with PTSD. As far as I know it is the only such Retreat in the country and has been running for 19 yrs.

Though I can't go to this one there is a good side to it. Younger Son's GF is going to be on it. Her Dad is a 'Nam Era PTSD DX so she qualifies and Hubby and I are covering her flight here and expenses - Retreat is free. She and I have chatted and there are several 'things' she"d like to do while here - so weather allowing - we are making a list of where to go in our 3 days of non-Retreat time.

As it stands now - there will be a Sweat (Lakota Sweat Lodge) option before the start of Retreat so I will be able to do the Sweat as J. wants to do it too and I'm driving her up .

So 'anywho', it's a bummer that I can't do the Retreat this time but I'd have given up my 'place' anyyway to J. She and I are going to have 3 days to just be 'together'.

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Susan, I know how much the retreat means to you. So it is a bummer that you are not able to go...but you have certainly found the bright side to this.



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Sorry you can't go....but sounds like you will still have a good time.....

Hugs, Nancy

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