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Today's chemo postponed...wbc low...may start Neulasta

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Hi everyone...it has been a busy day here. The kids started school this morning...then I was off to get chemo #4 at 9:30am. I had so much on my mind that i forgot to put the numbing cream on the port site. So i got there...they accesed the port...i won't forget the cream next time...ouch. Then they ran a cbc...they did one on Friday and everythijg looked good. While they waited for the results they started the antinausea med and fluids. I was there about an hour when the nurse came back and said no chemo...my wbc was 1.8. I go back on Friday for another blood draw...the dr is considering Neulasta. I need to read up on it...he was also considering adding Avastin...don't know if that is off the table for now. I was told to just go home and rest...and we will see what the numbers are on Friday. I also need to be extra vigilant about watchijg for any signs of infection...i might need an antibiotic as well.

Anyone else on Neulasta?


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This will probably be needed going forward, Alex...it will help keep you on more of a consistent schedule in keeping your counts up enough to do treatment.

Neulasta is a 1x per treatment...usually 24 hours after you unhook your pump if you're on one. Body aches and head aches can happen at the beginning...it's the drug forcing your bone marrow to expend itself to produce wbc's.

Over time, you should probably have this feeling dissipate once your body becomes accustomed to the effects of the medicine. Tramadol for pain immediately after the injection will help when you first get started should you need something.

I found Advil and Tylenol did not dull things, but Tramadol did...helped you nap as well. I had alot of pain in the head for the first several injections.

Neupogen is another one...it's injected several times a week though...did not do it...Neulasta worked better for my travels to the hospital.


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I did Neulasta the second time I was on chemo. When I went to get my chemo bag removed they would give me the syringe of Neulasta to take home. I would give myself the shot 24 hours later. I got this each time I had a round of treatment because my wbc were always low. I never had any joint pain and never needed any pain meds. However, it was the only time through treatment that I had fatigue and the fatigue lasted for quite a few days. Honestly, I thought I was almost going to have to take naps at work! But I made it through. You will do well. Just one more bump in the road.

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chemo called Tbo-filgrastim,as per:fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm317392

helio.com also has info on this

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Mine was neupogen or something like that but it was taken for several days right before treatment, plus I'd go in the day before for blood draw just so they had the numbers and wouldn't waste my time driving if the numbers weren't good enough. It took me about 30-35 minutes to get there so getting the blood work beforehand was best. Be advised that you could ache from scalp to pinky toe - no one ever told me that and when getting up the next morning the pain in my hips and scalp were terrible. Good luck on upcoming numbers and treatments.


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I haven't had neulasta, my WBC was 4.9 today. Monday will be Folfox #5. I haven't had any delays yet. Sorry for your delays, I hope your WBC goes up on Friday.
Sandy :)

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Hi Alex,

I do neupogen shots after every chemo for decreased wbc's. I don't have any pain. They said once the wbc's drop, you will always need the neulasta, or neupogen shots.

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I would always get the shot the day after the pump was removed. This would help boost the blood counts. Usually after the shot I would get wiped out from the treatment and pump so I would rest for several days. So after all this time (3 years) I'ge never had serious blood issues. So I recommend the shot because if it helps your blood counts go for it. Pray all is well. Jeff

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Thanks...I'll ask about the shot...i dont want to potentially have to deal with bone pain...i can handle days of rest on the sofa.


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Hi: I, too, had Neulasta injections after every folfirinox treatment - got it 24 hrs after the 5FU pump came off. I had a bit of bone pain but nothing I couldn't deal with. It is costly however unless you're covered. Here in Canada it is $2500/injection and isn't covered by normal govt plans. I was covered luckily. Neupogen is covered by govt plans however but it has to be given every day for 10 days.

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last year when i did folfox6 after chemo #7 i needed neulasta. i had no side effects. i had it after the rest of my tx. this year i am on folfiri with avastin. at the 2nd chemo my wbc was 3.4. no chemo on my scale is 3.2. so i am doing nuelasta after each tx. the wbc went from the 3.4 to 11 for the 3rd tx. i still have no side effects. it really does work & i do not worry about missing a tx because of low wbc. good luck Alex

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I did Neupogen shots as opposed to Neulasta but it was very similar. As I understood it, for Neulasta I needed to go to the outpatient facility and have them inject it one time. With Neulasta I was able to inject myself in the thigh 3 nights in a row immediately before chemo treatments. My insurance company liked the Neupogen better as it was more cost-effective. I would receive the shots via Fedex in a cooler and would refrigerate the shots until I needed them. They did the trick and I didn't miss any more treatments. I did have bone pain in my chest the night and day after the shots.


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I have my appointment this afternoon.... I am dealing with a nasty cough...my throat is so sore....i guess this is the result of the low wbc. Hopefully they will get me straightened out today so that I can have my treatment next Tuesday.

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Please let us know how it goes. Good luck and hope everything is fine.
Sandy :)

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We use a Coriolus mushroom extract, Coriolus Versicolor Super Strength, a PSK clone from JHS Natural with Life Extension Foundation's annual sale, due soon, and Biothera WGP beta glucans to help my wife's WBC recover 1-2 points, and improve 5FU-LV results.

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Sorry things are not working great right now. Hope the doctors can get you back into a good place SOON.


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I use Neupogen, every cycle. No bone pain or other symptoms at all. I give myself the injections at home (you get used to it!). This last round, I used Filgrastim instead. I understand it is very similar to Neupogen.

Good luck with your WBC and with your continuing treatment


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