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need suggestions please

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My husband was diagnosed Aug a year ago with stage 4. He has done OK as far as this disease goes. He had some major issues at the beginning but now is having some pain issues.

He is currently on Fentanyl 200mcg every 3 days and oxycodone for breakthrough pain. He also takes a muscle relaxer Skelaxin.

I saw the list recently posted about meds and wanted to ask some opinions. What would be the next best med to discuss with his doctor. And if we change from Fentanyl how is best to come off this and change to something else.

He was not in too much pain until the last couple of weeks. After a round of chemo (Taxotere and Herceptin and the Nuelesta shot) He has had A LOT of side pain around his ribs and back. In so much that we went to the ER to be sure there were no blood clots.

Well here were are now a few days before his next treatment is due and he has been in so much pain. I dont know what else would be best to ask the docs for.

ANY advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you tried a pump with dilaudid? Worked really well for my mom.

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