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Often I have trouble sleeping these days so I asked my doctor about taking ZZZquil the new sleep aid by the makers of Nyquil and he said it was fine. This weekend I got a lot of good and needed sleep taking it. Its not habit forming and it worked. Just thought I would share this in case others find themselves with a night of anxiety.

Sweet dreams!


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I just looked up Zzzquil and it is diphenhydramine (generic name for Benadryl), 50mg. I take 50mg of diphenhydramine at night to help me sleep. It works great! Now that I know that ZzzQuil is the same thing I will just keep taking my generic OTC diphenhydramine from WalMart or Target or wherever I happen to pick it up. MUCH cheaper than the brand name stuff.


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You are absolutely correct all you have to buy is a Benadryl. Most all Otc sleep aids are Benadryl. Happy sleeping all its the one time where there is no pain and quiet! Jeff

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I have been taking Ambien...but it doesn't always work for me. I usually wake up by 2 or 3am....then can't fall back to sleep until about 5am. I am going to ask about the benadryl at my next appointment on Friday.


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That's what I'm on and yes, I'll wake up at 2:00 or 3:00 too but what I've been doing is cutting it in half and take half before going to bed and then when 2 or 3 comes around take the other half. Something to think of. Sometimes if taking a whole one I've slept walk and that's scary.


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It gets me through the night (and is now generic as well). Unfortunately, tho, I've had to stop taking Ambien, as I've had "night events" - doing things with absolutely no recall. Therefore, I'm afraid to take it now. (I ordered my daughter a Kindle, and had no idea I'd done so until I ordered her the second one. I'd promised her one, and had no idea that I'd ordered it, so I ordered it again! Other things - my husband has been less than appreciative when I've had absolutely no idea of "activity" the night before. Heck, I want to enjoy myself, and remember doing so!)

I've heard good things about 1/2 tsp turmeric in a cup of warm whole milk with honey or stevia to sweeten at bedtime. It must be whole milk, because the fat is needed to properly absorb the turmeric.

I know several people who have had that help them sleep through the night. Hasn't worked well for me, but has worked fantastically for some friends.

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Diphenhydramine in any prep is a nice gentle hypnotic and as you sayisn't habit forming. Ambien is zolpidem which initially was marketed as not addictive but most clinicians now accept you do get tolerant to it and there is rebound insomnia if you stop it suddenly after a long time. Sleep events as described are also not uncommon-have seen 'sleep driving' on it which is a bit of a worry. It also is very short lasting but there is a longer lasting very similar med called atopic lone if that type of drug works for you. Here in the uk both zolpidem andzopiclone are advised for prescription no longer than two weeks. They are used more widely andfreely in the us.


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