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Increased IP Cisplatin

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My sweet mother was diagnosed with Stage IIIC Ovarian Cancer just before Mother's Day in 2012 at age 72. She had optimal debulking (CA125 was 271 before surgery and 46 after) and is now starting round 5 out of 6 with IP Taxol/Cisplatin. This support group has been wonderful for me to learn so much as we go on through this. Her first round was very difficult as she was still recovering from the surgery and she got too dehydrated. The doctor cut down the dosage of IP Cisplatin from 120 to 80. She tolerated the next two doses well but the CA 125 level stayed at 16 She was very brave and told her doctor that she was still able to go-go-go all day and her friends couldn't even tell she was getting chemo and that she wanted increased dosage so as to have better chances while fighting this. Fortunately, her doctor is very aggressive and agreed to increase dosage to 120 again and next week we will see results. We have found that checking her pulse for dehydration and using Gatoraide and lots of fluid even during the night has made worlds of difference in how good she feels. We hope to discuss maintenance options with doctor at next appointment and are considering Avastin and perhaps every three months maintenance IP chemo for as long as the IP port can stay in place. Thank you for all of the help and suggestions on this board!

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I also had full blown cisplatian and taxol through an I P ports. I know my doc told me the first the we do when we are done with chemo is to remove the I P port. Chemo ended at the end of June and she gave me time to start getting my strength back and get back to normal and then she took it out 3 weeks ago yesterday. She said there was no point in keeping it. I do however still have my power port. That one will stay for now and god willing there is not any reoccurrence before next Spring that is coming out...

Kudos to your monm for being such a trooper with the cisplatin. It is a rough go around with that stuff..... Tell her to keep up the good fight....

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