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Good morning to all

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I'm new to this forum and I see that the human power is greater than anything else.

First of all excuse me for my English :)

I'm writing so that I can get some answers to my concerns.
My father in law was diagnosed with Primary Adrenal NHL with no adrenal insufficiency. A very rare case with so few incidents worldwide.
The sock to all of us was great because he is 63 years old and just had his two first grand kids who adores.
After a long period of testing he started RCHOP and on last Friday he made the 6th cycle.
He has the ups and downs all the 21 days between the cycles but he seems to be strong enough.

At the end of the 3d cycle he made a scan and it showed that the two tumors that he has at the adrenal glands were reduced about 30%. At the testing were found one 11 cm and the other 9cm.
So the first question is this normal? We should expect farther reduce or is it normal?

Another thing is that the 4h cycle was terrible for him. He felt fatigue almost all the 21 days between cycles.

He is going to make 8 cycles of RCHOP and at the end will have a new scan.

My first interaction with the forum is a huge post but so is our concerns, so I request your sympathy about this.

I hope that everyone in here have from now on only good news and of course appreciation of the wonderful life.

Best Regards,

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Hi Kyiako's, welcome to the site, I had stage 4 Large B Lymphoma, I too had to go through 8 cycles of R-CHOP, not till my eighth infusion, did all my cancer get wiped out. Everyone responds to the treatment differently. The cycles are accumulative so it does get worse before it gets better. Just make sure he drinks plenty of fluids and gets enough rest..... Vinny

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First, welcome here. We hope that we can provide some support during your dad's treatment. Second, your English is better than many English-speakers! Third, from what I read, your dad's tumour regression is a very good sign. Fatigue is expected, as chemotherapy is a toxic substance. He will simply need to rest and sleep more, as his body is fighting a war against the cancer. Let us pray that all goes well with him during treatment. All the best,


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Thank you both for the very useful information.

I believe that in this fight a huge role is to be mentally strong and to believe with all your heart that you can beat it. So from now on I'll be his voice here to ask things that he is concerned about and maybe give some feedback to members that experience things that we have passed.

This is a winners' forum and I would like to say that the journey has it's meaning too as long as the destination(winning). It's a life changing journey that I hope that makes us all better people.

I hope that everyone in here has a better day than yesterday.

Best Regards,

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I love your positive attitude!!! Your father in law is lucky to have you in his corner. My husband had 3 rounds of R-CHOP, plus radiation for large B cell lymphoma, left tonsil. He is currently in complete remission.
I pray that your father in law responds well to treatment without side effects.
Take care,

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