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Sometimes life is just Good to you

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Here I am flying somewhere over Colorado playing with my iPad, thanks to Southwest having wifi service on their planes! What next? Isn't technology great?
My first flight the flight attendents gave me fee drinks (those "strong" must be over 21 kind),, then in Denver sitting in a restaurant a man grabbed my 32.00 dollar bill and paid for my meal, then my flight was overbooked so I volunteered to go on a later flight into Oakland instead of San Jose and ended up with a voucher good for $594.60 on any Southwest flight.
The amazing thing is not one of these people knew about my cancer, they just did those things for no reason. Isn't life grand and people just great sometimes?!?!
Feeling happy and full of gratitude,
Winter Marie

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you're amazing and you deserve every kindness extended to you. Been thinking about you all weekend. So glad you're having an awesome trip!

Love, peace and giant hugs, Laurie

So Worried
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Good for you, Winter! What an awesome day you are having...keep it up!!! Have a wonderful trip :)

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I cant believe it you better go to Vegas ha. Must be a good sign all this good fortune. Jeff

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Is always great to be reminded that people are essentially good. Or was it the low cut top and miniskirt you were wearing?

I prefer to assume the first,

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what they say.what goes around comes around.winter you are a truly blessed person and you are just being paid back for your kindness.you deserved this one be well...Godbless....johnnybegood

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What a great way to start the week! Thanks for sharing.

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What a beautiful story to share! I have been thinking of you since your recent post. I too just found out I have a spot on my pelvis (among other areas). I am sorry you are going through this again. I will pray for you and thank you for the reminder to enjoy the good in life!


Cathleen Mary
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Sounds like Life wants to thank you for being the great woman you are! Enjoy every minute if it.

Cathleen Mary

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... the key is to appreciate them - and you clearly are. Enjoy!

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What a wonderful day for kindness to follow you around. Love the "pay it forward" attitude. If everyone could follow that at least once a week people's attitudes would be so much better. Glad you are the recipient of such good luck this week.


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How wonderful for you!

We hear so much about what is wrong in the world that we end up surprised when a kindness is given us.

Thank you so much for reminding us all that there are still some folks out there who are the 'good guys'.


Marie who loves kitties

Brenda Bricco
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That is a neat day Winter, where are you going to go to use your voucher? I try to imagine what this part of our lives would be like with out technology. Can you imagine going through all of this with out this board or the people that pick you up with it?
GOD's blessings to you.

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What a great trip! It sounds like you were blessed with a lot of kindness along the way.


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That is amazing, Winter. Sometimes it's hard to find some goodness around. Hope you had a good trip to Oh. (You were in my old neck of the woods.)
Wishing the best for you. Go somewhere special using that SW voucher. :)

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"they just did those things for no reason."

You didn't think I had that much "pull", did you.......

Stay well, ehh?


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This is one of the times that when it rained, it poured---and in a good way!
Thanks for sharing~

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Winter, you have such a kind and caring soul, this had to be a little bit of Instant Karma coming your way!

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Good for you, Winter Marie. You were due for a break.


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Good calma winter, you deserve it,
just be careful surfing, lots of weird stuff on the net.

Happy and grateful, that's me to.

We have lots in common besides our treatments.


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That is just lovely!


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Very happy for you. Life is grand. Un fortunatly as MAME says,"Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death."

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I am waiting for my turn. Life has just sucked since my mom's diagnosis in 2010.

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