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Lump develops during Radiation

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My husband undergoes 12 daily session of radiation as of today. But we notice that there is a small lump under his jaw. Is it normal to develop that lump during radiation? the med onco told us that it was due to radation. But my worry is that, will it vanish after completing the radiation?


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I assume you mean your husband has 12 more stages to go. I have developed lumps on my throat but post treatment. They can be caused by clogged salivary glands, lymph nodes that are not draining or edema. From my research, I don't think the majority of rad patients get them though.

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Hello ! Yes some people do develope alot of changes in tissue going through rads. Your onc. will be watching this. Try to not do the what if's, and just go with the flow for now. Keep us posted, and wishing your husband and yourself the best ! Katie

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jim and i
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Jim had a lump during radiation which turned out to be an infection. If it starts to grow or he starts a fever get him to emergency room. We waited because it was over a weekend; by Monday it was the size of a baseball and he was in pain. Jim ended up in the hospital for a week. The radiology tecs had told us it was normal, obviously they were wrong. The radiation oncologist took one look and had him admitted. Just be careful.


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I have one on my scar line. ONC and surgeon both felt it was a stitch or staple. I was told to watch it to make sure it did not grow and it has not. As Debbie said above, watch it closely.

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heh, I had the giant infection lump too. bizarre thing, couldn't fit the radiation mask over it. three days in hospital.

also had a small lump with external burn a couple of weeks after rads ended. that lump went away when the burn did.

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Watch it closely, any change get in to see doc again.

Part of getting thru treatments is trusting you doctor's with the plan and with what comes up with side effects. if your having troubles with your doc it might be time to find another. having a positive attitude is huge to kicking cancer's butt.

prayers for wisdom and understanding.


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