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Just an Update...

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Sorry I've been away for a few weeks. I'll try to stay in touch better. First, my stats: Male, 42, father of 2 girls, 7 and 11, and husband to 1 wife. Diagnosed 4/12 mRCC with mets in lungs, rt kidney and along the spine. Radical nephrectomy 5/25/12 included left kidney, adrenal gland, several lymph nodes and a slice of my spleen. Stage 4 and Grade 4 on the Furhman scale. Otherwise my health is very good.

I am now half way thru my second cycle on Sutent. I've been spared the worst of the side effects (again!). Mental state is great as I am focused on positive thinking/meditation/imagery using a healthy dose of Gerald White's MAARS system. I go for my next scan 2 weeks from today and am hopeful/expectant to hear that the mets have stabilized or reduced in size. I'm fully expecting to beat the beast and am living my life to the fullest. Working F/T, spending time with the family, and enjoying every moment as much as I can. Just fighting the good fight, thinking of you all often, and hoping we all reach the end of our journeys in great health, happiness and free of cancer! All the best! - Vin

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It is wonderful to here such a positive storey from someone starting with such a difficult diagnosis. Also a good sence of humor limiting yourself to only 1 wife.


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Couldn't agree more, iceman - great spirit and admirable restraint :)

Good to have you back here Vin. There's a little bunch of us straight 4s here and we need to keep each other's hopes up with excellent news like that.

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Hi Vin,

Good to hear from you again and glad things are going well. That positive attitude and sense of humor are apparently serving you well, hang on to them. I fully expect we will be hearing nothing but good news for a long time to come.

Rock on,


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What a wonderful attitude! While we don't know the exact recipe to beat this stuff, we do know attitude is a major ingredient. Keep up the good fight!

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