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Oncologist Appointment

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is tomorrow. This is the first one since learning about the newest growth in my lungs (while in the hospital). She did want to have the thoracic surgeon's input on this so I am hoping she got his report. Kinda scared. Yet feeling confident that these 2 doctors will know what to do and when to do it.

Crap ... I wish this would get resolved already. GAH!

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Let's share the pink bus. I'm definitely there for you tomorrow and will be stirring up margaritas and praying very hard. xoxoxo Lynn

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Good luck tomorrow!

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I am right there with you. Now starts a biosey on my thyriod.

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On the bus for one and all!! Wishing everyone the best...Mary, I hope they can give you some concrete answers....
Hugs, Nancy

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Megan M
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I will be on the pink bus for you Mary and Lynn!

Hugs, Megan

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I am with you all the way Mary! I'll be there early so the bus won't leave without me. LOL

Good luck,


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Wait for me, I'll hop on!


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I hope today you receive the answers that have been so long coming. You have been through hell with this and I hope the news will be good and answers firm.

Thinking positive thoughts,


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I'm on the bus with both of you.. prayers and hugs coming your way.

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I sure am thinking about you and praying you get some answers! Best to you!!


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Here is hoping you get all the answers you need. Thoracic surgeons are wonderful at what they do and should have good advice for you. I have a great one and he saved my life. I wish you well tomorrow.

((hugs)) Terry

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How are you doing? How did your appointment go? I hope you have some answers. xoxoxo Lynn

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MiMi...you are never far from my thoughts throughout the day. I am hoping along with our other sisters that there are some concrete answers. It sounds like you have the right doctors and I have confidence in your judgement. Let us know as soon as you can post. We are all here to support you and celebrate too.


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I am still on the roller coaster. *sigh* However, my oncologist is pretty confident that the nodules are not cancer. We are still moving ahead with a new CT scan in November though. She did tell me that IF this is cancer, the Arimidex is doing its job. The nodules reported on the last scan are stable. I asked her about the 1.3cm nodule found on the xray taken at the hospital. She, like the throacic surgeon, did not put any weight on this report. She says the pulmonary specialist is looking for something and the xray doesn't mean anything to her as a cancer specialist. ??? Whatever. She also said IF this is cancer in my lungs, my treatment would remain the same. Arimidex.

I was asked about pain, if I had any. I told her I have the usual ... joint and muscle pain. Then I told her I've been hurting for about a month with hip pain on my right side (same side as BC). She got very interested in this. I do limp and sometimes feel I need my cane. I have all sorts of "equipment" lying around from various injuries suffered from car accidents. Walking does not help with this pain. It only makes it worse. I did not mention the pain in my shin (same side). I probably should have. Anyway, she wants an xray of my hip and we go from there. Now I have thoughts of bone mets. THIS IS CRAZY! There is noted on an earlier ct scan a lesion on this hip. I forget what it was called. The person who read the scan made mention of it and said it's probably nothing to worry about but to check it with the next scan. Not a word has been mentioned since that scan. (6 months ago) So I don't really know what to think at this point. I will be calling the center that does all my scans and xrays for an appointment later today. I was just there yesterday for an xray of my chest. I think I should have a seat reserved just for me at this place. The ladies ALL KNOW ME.

I do have to go to see the oncologist in a month. Lucky me. I told her that I want wine and crackers this time. She said she will bring the crackers. How thoughtful. LOL I can bring the wine or whine. She will have to wait for the outcome. HAHA


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