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Another PET

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It seems since I started my journey with the beast we all know that time seems to pass so quickly for me. Tomorrow I will be going for my 3rd PET scan since completing tx last December..I don't know where the time went since the one I had in June. Is it because I'm living my new but different life , does anyone else have time pass like this? Anyway hoping for another clean scan , even though I've already had 2, and that little detour with a spot of scc on the left side of my tongue that because it was so small neither of the 2 previous scans picked up. I think my scanexity level is higher this time around more so than the previous 2.


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Nothing but the best for you....

Totally can understand your scanxiety, but I have a good feeling.

Thoughts & prayers for a very non-eventful scan.


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Thank you ..!!!

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but the weeks are short

I too have noticed the passage of time. I was diagnosed in mid March, had my first PET in early April and I was not as anxious for that one as I am for the one scheduled in October. I knew I had the bug in April, that scan was to see where it had decided to set up shop. This next one is to see what may be left, and even then a spot that 'lights up' may not be anything. I want the scan now but I'm not far enough out from rads.

I'm finally getting back to work, first day is tomorrow and I'm surprised at how fast my leave of absence went. It seems like just yesterday that it was mid April!

I have to keep reminding myself, the primary tumor is no longer visible, the lymph nodes are no longer palpable, and I hope to be declared NED very soon, it can't happen soon enough for me.

Keep the faith


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My first 2 were NED as well. If I hadn't persisted that my docs look at the small spot on the side of my tounge who knows what would have happened. I went back full time to my office on July 16, prior to that my company allowed me to work from home.Good luck and wishes that your next PET is NED...we all like that news around here.


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That you will continue on the roll of NED. I will be having my first scan after treatment in a couple of weeks so I can so relate to the stress.
I'm praying for great results for you once again. Take care

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jim and i
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Praying for NED

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Praying that you had good results today. God bless!

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i do not have many scan's now, ptl. i can say i used the scans as confirmation to what i believed. i believed my treatments and surgery kicked the cancer they found out of my body, so the scans confirmed that NED was my friend and hung with me for this long.

the anxiety is not fun for certain, that with time and positive attitude will lesson.

time, where has it gone. when your enjoying your time it goes much faster. just a thought

prayers for confirmation there is NED as your friend.


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Tonsil Dad
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Lets see #3 NED for you Linda. I pray all will go well for you.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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For some reason driving to my appointment today, I had a mini melt down in the car , the sobs and tears came from no where..I'd like to think it was a release of things that I had kept or buried for so long on this journey with the beast, realizing that there are some things I can't control. I had to suck it all up and get to the appointment..as quickly as the tears came they were gone. Other than trying to find a vein for the injection , scan went fine. They gave me a CD which I can't read, and will send a written report to my onco who I see next Wed..but I will call her tomorrow and Thursday to if she has the result...not good at the waiting game stuff.


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You are on our weekly prayer task team ...fasting every Wednesday for you and many others. Everyday we say your name.

So tonight I did another whisper to the good Lord to let your scan be NED. So hard to do I know.

Hang in there Linda....keep us posted.


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Yes time goes quick inbetween the scans...and I've been in so many machines over the past eight and a half months I should never need a flash light walking my dog at night. I too have cried going to these appts., usually when I'm by myself. I think we need to release all of the anxiety, being sick of being sick, wanting just to get on with our lives. And I pray that that little disc they gave you holds ned for you ! Katie

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Hi Linda,

Time does appear to go faster. Each moment you are alive is a smaller percentage of the total time you have been here. Hence, time seems to move more slowly for children because each moment is a larger percentage of there total time alive. Example: To a 60 year old person a year represents 1.7% of their time alive, but to a 5 year old one year represents 20% of their time alive. While time moves at the same time (your age) makes it feel like it goes faster because time (seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years) continues to be a smaller piece of the whole. Now, you throw in the complication of cancer and each moment of time has become more precious and significant.

More importantly, it sounds like the Linda Scan Meter is set to detect (good catch on tongue). Here’s hoping this PET and all others will be clean and clear.



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All of the good MOJO I can offer is on the way.

Looking to read nothing but a clean scan.



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Thinking good thoughts for your NED diagnosis. I know of the meltdown. i think we all do. Some days it is just a little thing that sets us off. For you, it is the "other shoe" syndrome that comes with getting the PET scan. You'll be so high when you call and hear the words, No Evidence of Disease.
let us hear the word NED when you get it...

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I'm thinking of you and praying you will be NED! Keep us posted!! I know everything will be just great!

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Still praying the scan was clean.

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