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Just checking in. Also survivors guilt.

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It's probably been a while. No I have not been sick. The garden has an abundance of food at present and I have been home canning. It is an old art but does not rely on electricity as a freezer does. Since cancer I am no longer the workaholic (at least away from home anyway) so home canning is a way to make up for the lost income. And of course in such instances I am my own boss. So I will be catching up on my reading in order to see what you all have been up to, also to see how many of my prayers have been answered, and what new ones I need to add.

Though my health is good and my lymphedema under quite good control I consider myself one of the more blessed individuals. A young mother at my church had been battling breast cancer and recently went to meet her maker. She has young children. I wonder why. I guess it is a case of survivor guilt. Why could not God have given her my case of cancer and I have had hers. My children are grown and even some of my grandchildren are ready to leave thier home nests. I suppose he has his reasons (ones that I do not yet or may never understand), but one cannot help but wonder the why?.... of this. Despite this line of questioning that would probably lead merely to a case of mild depression I press on. I press on in the hopes of a day when we do not have to ask this question. A day when we will not have to ask "why the young mother Lord" but also the day when we quit asking "why did our seasoned relative have to go through the fight with this nasty beast?" Meanwhile since we have no answers that we can easily understand let us encourage one another in the fight as many of our sisters and brothers in this fight stand in need of care and encouragement. Let it begin with me.

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Thanks for your words, we all need them from time to time! I try to remind myself that we are not to understand Gods plan for us, but to have faith that He has a plan! I guess for me he planned on a great crop of tomatoes this year as I have been canning and making salsa for days!

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But I do believe God does have a plan for me and for everyone. The best thing we can do--make the absolute most of the days we have and find joy and happiness in each and every day. Sometimes that's hard and we're really put to the test but we have to keep going and not give up. I don't believe in giving up and I believe happiness is a choice.

Hugs, Renee

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Your words are so true i thank you for them.

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