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Hi girl !
So you're almost done with treatments ? I wanted to let you know that deep itch you're feeling in your saliva glands I have too. Hard to describe too others not experiencing this. Did ask my onc., said it was the healing process. Thought dude...I want you all to experience this, have an itch you can't scratch ! Anyways...hope all is well, or at least not real bad....let the healing begin ! Thinking of you ! Katie

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not to be disrespectful, sometimes there is nothing the doctors can do for us. i am a long time survivor and there are things(long term side effects) i ask about and they tell me "i have not doubt what your telling me, there is just nothing i can do for you". i have taken these same questions to several doctors and they say the same.

in no way am i saying the problem will last a long time, just saying in reality there maybe just nothing they can do and slowly the problem may go away or we just have to learn to life with it in our "new normal"

prayers the problems go away


Posts: 1914
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You are correct. I am just expressing my feelings on the new me. I know there are things in this crazy life that will never be explained. And blaming the doctors....no I'm not, their doing their best for us. I meant the poor people around me that say how are you, you look terrible. And I'm wanting to put that back scratcher down my throat to itch ! Humor is the best policy on these issues....sorry if I sounded like I was doing the blame game, way past that ! Thanks John ! Katie

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I smiled at your response. I too, as a long term survivor, have been dealing with "I don't know" and understand that they really don't understand the long term effects when they happen (at least most don't). Doc tells me now that they are treating my symptoms because that is all they can do.

I'm just thankful to be here for them to tell me that. Just dropped off presents for my grand-daughter for her 7th birthday...another reason to appreciate each and every day.


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we just got a call shortly before reading this from out grand daughter (5). she is in kindergarten and wanted to invite us to a party they are having at their school for grand parents. 16 plus years ago, i never dreamed i would ever hear this. ptl for each day we have, i love the sunrise each day, PTL

love your attitude, be like the little engine that could, keep chugging along


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for answering that question....I figure it's something to do with radiation, healing, new normal side effects etc etc....all healing itches, right?....but THANK YOU for acknowledging the "bee sting" type itch that is SO deep in my neck. Not something that can be cured with fingernails, takes a constant deep massage that starts the second I quit massaging my neck.

Today I started into my mouth sores for the final time.....YEAH....(I mean yeah for the final time, but not yeah that I've got to go thru 2+ weeks of feeling like hell, before I get a chance to heal in earnest.


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You have been a trouper with such a positive attitude!!
So glad your last treatment is over and you can start to heal.

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I am praying that these dang mouth sores will be short lived this time. I'm so happy that after this you can really start to heal.
Keep us posted, I've been thinking about you.

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Well, I would be amiss if I did not wish you a speedy recovery. But my wish has no magical power. Your recovery will progress at its own pace, my wish or not. Rick.

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Hey Phrannie,

Deep itch, difficult to scratch? I bet it will pass; it seems there is always something new to replace the old in this game we all play. If I need to, I’ll put you back in my pocket. My wife almost washed my slip of paper with yours and Tim’s name on it. Anything I can do (for you) with my meager powers I’ll try.

Now hurry up and get feeling better soon (no itches, not mouth sores, no pains)



Thanks Katie

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I am glad you have finished the last treatment and have time to heal. I am sorry you have had to go through all this, but your journey is helping me to realize that what my husband is going through can be done and he is not alone. Thank you so very much for sharing.

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