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Back in the hospital...

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You know you visit the hospital too often when the ER nurses know you by name and give out hugs. So, yes, I was finally able to get Rick to agree to go to the ER. He was severely dehydrated and still in a lot of pain. His bowel is obstructed again, but since he's scheduled for the stent procedure on Thursday, the doctor wants to keep him here until Wednesday on IV fluid. He looks much better now than when I had brought him in, so I'm feeling a bit more at ease now. I know he hates being here, but I haven't learned how to hook him up to an IV at home - yet. ;-)


(I really need to remember to bring a pillow to sit on...)

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So sorry that Rick needs to be back in the hospital, but glad that it is making a positive difference in how he feels.

No one likes to be in hospital but some times that is the best place to be to get the care necessary.

Praying for easy days for you both and good outcome from his and your surgery next week.


Marie who loves kitties

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That's so hard to fight not to go to the hospital because you dread it that bad but can see where he is coming from and glad that they are helping him. Hopefully the blockage will resolve itself with all the fluids that he is on. Wishing you both the best. He's in good hands now and now can keep a good eye on him.


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We are sending thoughts and Prayers your way. Get strong an better!

Best Always, mike

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prayers sent out ...

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sorry both of you are going thru what you are. i know how hard it is when someone is in the hospital but he is getting the medical care he needs. just be sure you take care of yourself & not get run down. i will pray for both of you.

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A bit likeDoc who probably stayed at home fighting his pneumonia a bit long there comes a time when you have to accept that hospital is the right place to get things sorted properly. I hope that happens for you and he stays in gets the stent and repeated obstructions ar sorted once and for all. Anyone who likes being in hospital probably shouldn't be there but tolerating it when necessary is part of this journey.

Best of luck,

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so sorry for all the discomfort but at least he is getting the fluids he needs.thinking of you both...Godbless...johnnybegood

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I am so sorry. We will be praying for you both!

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Glad you were able to convince him. Thoughts and prayers go out to you both.

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i feel so sorry for all this troubles but praying for a solution for those, hope the stent works for him!
Send him my best wishes and hugs!
Blessings Cyn!

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I am so sorry that Rick has to spend this holiday weekend in the hospital. But it sounds like this is the best place for him right now. Hang in there and I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.


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Sorry have to spend your weekend at the hospital but that is where he belongs. Glad he is feeling better. Pray all goes well this week. Jeff

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Sorry to hear about all of this! I hope you have some things there to help pass the time while Rick heals and gets ready for surgery. Sounds like a stressful time.
Big hugs across the USA~

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Comfort is key. keep the pillow in the car

Prayer and energy being sent to you Cyndy and Rick..
I hope Rick is feeling better soon.

I know that feeling of them knowing your name.. I have that with my doctors office it takes me by surprise each time..

May I ask you since Rick keeps getting obstructions.. and you may have answered this previously sorry... did Rick have a Colostomy? or just a resection..

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Seems he is where he needs to be right now, and they'll have him feeling stronger for the upcoming procedure. Sucks to be sitting in hospital. I'm wondering too about the stent, is it his bowels that keep getting obstructed, why is this happening?? Take care of yourself too.

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The obstructions seem to be from scar tissue in the colon. He's pretty much blocked completely up at this point, so not even water is getting through without pain. He originally had a resection only, with no colostomy bag since his colon was working pretty well until this past April. He's been in the hospital four times since then.

Thank you for your best wishes,


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Although there is a dread of hospitals for most of us it can be the best place for us at times. You can not hook up an IV at home and if he is not holding fluids otherwise there is no real option. I think that the good news is you both seem to be fighters and there is every reason to be hopeful the blockage may resolve on its own with fluids he is receiving and if it does not he is where he needs to be to get assistance.

By the way I personally hate hospitals and it takes a lot to get me to go as well.

Hugs of comfort and healing for you and your loved one.

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Hi all,

Thank you for all for your prayers and well wishes, it's so much appreciated. I read all of your posts to Rick earlier today, and he smiled at all of the kindness shown in your words. When I left him last night, I had hoped that he'd get some sleep, but he barely slept at all due to having constant hiccups. They gave him some Thorazine for them this afternoon, and it cleared them up in under 10 minutes! It comes in pill form, so if anyone is having hiccup issues, you might want to ask your doctor for some of these little "miracle" pills. He looked much better today than he did last night, so the fluids and pain meds are really helping. A few more days of IV fluid, and he should be strong enough to have the stent procedure.

All my best,


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Thinking of you both and sending prayers for a successful procedure.

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I just saw your post about the hiccups. My mom has had them after every meal she eats. Is this normal ?

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Hi, I don't know why your mom has them that frequently, but she should ask her doctor about it. The Thorazine pills would only be prescribed for constant hiccups lasting more than 24hrs, therefore, the patient is unable to sleep. The pills also cause significant drowsiness, which is needed in Rick's case. His body needs a lot of rest right now, so they fit his particular situation. Remember to always ask a doctor before taking any non-prescribed meds.



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I hope Rick feels better. Fluids can do wonders. Hiccups can really be a b**** when you're trying to sleep. Maybe he can get rest tonight and get his stent and back home with you.
Sandy :)

So Worried
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Hi, I hope your hubby makes a quick recovery. It's a good thing that he is in the hospital so he can get the care he needs.

I am just wondering - What exactly is a "stent procedure" they are going to do and is this because of his scar tissue from resection?

Thank you.

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A stent (tube) is inserted into the blocked area and then "inflated" to open up the colon. You can watch the procedure on YouTube under "colonic stent procedure".

All my best,


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Keeping you and Rick in prayer. I am glad to hear that he looks better and is getting the fluids he needs. I hope the stent surgery goes well, no surprises.

Hugs and aloha,

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Hi, thank you for the kind wishes. It's been tough week for sure. And on top of this,Rick's dad was admitted into a nearby hospital on the same day with complications from brain cancer, so his poor mom has been hospital hopping. When it rains, it pours...

Take care,


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My thoughts are with you both. I'm sure the stent will do wonders and he can get out of the hospital! I'm glad you convinced Rick to go in.
You are in my prayers, such as they be.
Winter Marie

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