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Juice Recipe - Gerson Diet

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We need to start a Juicing Blog for recipes.

Pete, Nana, and several others have inspired me to do the Juicing and Vegan thing for a while. I am reading the Gerson Therapy, and have read several other books written after that use the ideas from the Gerson Therapy. I am inspired. I figure worse case I lose some body fat. I currently use the Zone Diet, which is a sensible approach to eating and balancing the diet via the food groups.

The Gerson Therapy is fairly hardcore for the first two weeks, and strict for the next 6 weeks. Then I will get some more variations in the diet.

I was stage IIIc and my CEA was 2.0 in April 2012. My CEA is currently 2.9, and I have cancer again in the colon(biopsied), and likely three Lymph Nodes(lit up during a PT/CT). Obviously what ever treatment I was on, was not as successful as I would have hoped. Time to switch gears and work on another treatment. I am in early stages of tumor growth, a positive. I am in good health and live a relatively stress free life.

Input and inspiration will be appreciated. That has been the BEST part of this site. Others have been here before and have advice.
Best Always, mike

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I am from the uterine cancer board, but I just posted a question in behalf of my father.
I like you turned to a plant based diet.
I also drink green, mostly nasty, juices 4 times per week.

Go for the natural, since you have nothing to loose everything to gain.

I have a question.
Can someone with colon cancer eat legumes?
It may sound silly, but I o not know the answer.
My father's doctor told him not to each legumes because these are protein feeding the cancer; however, he recommends to eat fish and chicken!

Positive prayers to you.

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There is a down side of Legumes during Chemo. I will find the article and get that to you. To do Vegan and non "White Proteins", flour, rice, and potatoes, I will rely on legumes for protein. Limit Carbos during chemo because of the spike(s) during chemo.

Read the Anti-Cancer, it is a story about a Surgeon's journey through cancer. He talks about the trending research, diet, exercise, and mental health.

A lot of toxins in Fish including heavy metals, and during chemo how many heavy metals do you want? (I am a fish eater and backed off during chemo.) Chicken is a very good protein, just do not char any proteins.

Thanks for the good words!
Best Always, mike

PS I love to Cook and I will find good tasting Juice recipes!

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Thank you so much for your feedback.
I was wondering about legumes consumption for my father.
He is not having chemo yet, in fact I am against it because of his age 82.

We still do not even know if surgery is an option, because we have heard from family friends who are physicians that if it has metastasized then surgery potentially will make things worse.

Right now, he is eating lot of fruits and vegetable, but also fish!
His doctor told him not to each beans because of the protein content, which is does not make sense to me.

Can he eat beans now? Would that give him too much gas or pain?
I wanted to know from the right horse's mouth.
My father is not in any pain. His only symptom is chronic diarrhea.


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smile mate, you will be the healthiest cancer patient in the world.

i have never actually read a gersin book, read lots on the net.

right now i am moving ever so slightly to the ketongenic diet, so i have been adding back some exciting animal protien like sheeps brains and organic chicken and organic eggs.

watch out for catabolism, get your wife or girlfriend to check you out butt naked, you want to loose fat, but not muscle. its easier said than done, so my docs pay attention to this on a monthly basis using only the bloods and urine. I keep my clothes on when visiting the doctors.

share your story, i wish you the best of health, have as much fun as possible.

maybe consider a second opinion from a functional and integrative doctor with solid cancer experience, to keep an eye on your bloods, urines.

ensuring you are achieving optimum nutrients and mineral and vitamins from our diets is an exciting challenge. certainly not easy, but worth a go.

i too am hammering the legumes, the downside is they are acid forming, some moreso than others. so i have actually started checking my first morning pee and an afternoon pee most days to see how acid my urine is. i use alkala n out of germany to make me more alkaline. i rarely need to use it, my alkaline water ph9.5 and green juices seems to do the trick.

sorry its back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what else can i say, just. try and stay stress free while you embark on a big lifestyle change, it will be fun. share the good and the bad. go hard core, if you fail, and i have heaps, just dust yourself off and keep on going.

we are all human, thats the nice thing about being alive.


ps nothing tastier and sweeter than a simple organic carrot juice

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