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Has anyone thought about putting a list together of what everyone needs to ask their Dr.? It seems like a lot of you have great knowledge, but it is after the fact. Maybe if everyone put their knowledge together you could do alot of good. I womder if they would let you knowledgeable people together if you could save alot of over-treatment or wrong treatment. Some of you have the knowledge to do this, and if you save just one life, awesome.

Just a thought. But there are certain things that are finite. Where it goes from there is anyones guess. Mostly when people come on this site they are scared, and know nothing. You could put a knowledge list together and help more people than I can imagine.

Just a thought.


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PCRI has an excellent article, NEWLY DIAGNOSED PROSTATE CANCER: UNDERSTANDING YOUR RISK, in their August 2012 quarterly INSIGHT periodical. I think that it is very well done and it even has a tear-out sheet to bring with you to the doctor. It would seem to be a good starting point.


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This matter has been dealt before in this forum, but it was more directed to a List of Questions than Guidelines. You doing it well in raising the matter again. Here is the link I refer to; http://csn.cancer.org/node/224280

The link provided by Casey above, is better in terms of the aspects of Guidelines.
I usually recommend newbies to prepare a List of Questions to the Doctor with three intents;
Firstly the fact of writing a list will oblige the person to read details of the cancer and treatment; secondly because it will help in releasing the pressure/fear of the moment; and thirdly because it gives one the feel of accomplishment for acting upon the matter, from the beginning.

I recommend this link for the easy to understand and forwarded aspects of the questions.


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This would be helpfull for everyone. When a person is diganosed and the word cancer is mentioned everything stops. I found it impossible to follow the doctor at the visit, I am thankfull that my wife was there. A list, or guidlines would of helped me out.

Casey has good site listed, I spent couple of hours there.

VG also has good information listed.


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Thanks for the input. Its a nice site. It is something that anyone can grasp. I wonder if there is a way to put it up so newly diagnosed people can grab it? Posting is great, and you really learn through your own trials so the info from here is crucial. It is just that you need something that puts you in the know, quickly.
Vasco is right in that the more you are involved the better off you will be.

Two excellent ideas.

I wonder if they could put that site as a reference?


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