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Happy Anniversary To Me!

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One year ago today I was given the news that the RCC had spread to my pancreas - two tumors - one at head, one at tail, ranging in size from 5.7 to 6.2 cm. One year previous to that my scans were negative. Go figure! It was determined that this was inoperable so we tried stereotactic radiosurgery (similar to cyberknife) - with no success. Tumors were growing and a new one appeared in the liver (2.7 cm). Tried Sutent but due to significant side effects had to quit that.

Now I'm just living life and loving life and having a wonderful time! Every day is a gift and believe me, every day is lived well!

I have gotten religion over drinking water - lots and lots of water - ok, minimally 8 8oz glasses every day and celebrate if I can get 10 or more in. I've learned that as long as I remain well hydrated my labs return pretty stable (even creatinine) which is a very good thing An easy thing to do - except you need to know where the nearest bathroom is at all times!

I also splurged and bought a new memory foam bed. AMAZING! My body had been just 'unhappy' - some generalized pain and fatigue and this new bed is making a real difference. I still have insomnia a lot - but at least my body can rest confortably and regenerate a bit.

So - until next September 1st I remain

Still NDY!

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Happy anniversary Liz. You continue to be the Board's Wonder Woman. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and appreciate your taking the time to stay close. Water - sleep - love of life - the perfect recipe for many, many more years. Congratulations.

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Liz, it gives me great delight to follow Alice in congratulating you and agreeing with all that she has said.

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When i say this i am speaking from my heart,i worry for you but yet i am proud of the courage you exhibit,i wish god to bless you but i am sorry i also wish you might want to reconsider trying different drug therapies,i hope i do not offend you by expressing my feelings but i just dont want the sun to set just yet

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...God Bless you!!

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That sun is no closer to the horizon than a year ago, you are amazing!!! I've been spouting (pun intended) about the benefits of drinking plenty of water, its nice to have a respected comrade. September 1st is important to me for unrelated reasons, I will add you to the list.

Rock on,


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