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Mouth has a funky

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feel to it, its not painful just icky (medical term?) 3 weeks out now, still a red neck but with no pain. Maybe getting Erbitux revenge since Im getting something that looks to be a rash and pimple combination. But its this nasty taste in mouth or what feels like pudding mouth ?? just scum on sides. I brush daily and floss. Was wondering if its likely RAD related sort of mouth scarring...I have been eating although little portions, trying to make sure the bite has cooled down so not sure if I ate something and it caused it like Pizza Cheese burn, I miss Pizza. I know there likely may not be an answer but I do have a feeling Im not the only one with funky mouth. Have a Great Labor Day Weekend The Dittos.

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mine is still funky, 8 weeks out from rads.
when the salivary glands aren't putting out, harder to keep the funky bacteria down. I've got a whole battery of stuff to use--bioteme mouthwash and toothpaste, prescription fluoride toothpaste, xylimelts, baking soda/salt solution, caphesol..
but it's a constant battle.
for me, love that baking soda and salt solution. use it about 27 times a day--cuts right through the crud.

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jim and i
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Jim relied on the baking soda and salt rinse and went through about 3 large boxes of Puff tissues a week. He tried the Biotene and lozenges but they seemed to make it worse. Only the baking soda salt rinse seemed to work for a short time. It took several months for it to get better. I pray yours gets better fast.


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Try using a water pick on the mouth and also to clean the teeth, it will help in getting some of it. Also you might want to try something like NilMed Sinus rinse once a day, I use it sometimes 3 times a day just good hygiene

Hope it works for you

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I'm 10 weeks out this week. I always describe the funky taste and feel as "milk mouth" I've tried all of the biotine products as well but it doesn't help and in some cases it feels worse afterwards. The biotine toothpaste actually hurts my teeth? Not sure what that's about. The only thing that seems to give me any short relief is the baking soda and salt water rinse.
Starting to bargain with the man upstairs about getting my salivary glands up and workin again. Always dry and always thirsty, what are we gonna do?!
Good luck to you and hopefully this will go away quickly for you.
Take care,

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our bus are still fighting mouth problems. I just had my last chemo on Tues. so am now expecting mouth sores to pop up here tomorrow night or so....BUT I have been getting one reasonable week between the last mouth sore episode and the next....and that "weird" feeling is it....my mouth itches..all over and there is really no way to scratch it. I'm still not eating, because everything stings, except eggs. And nothing tastes good anyway. If my mouth isn't dry as a bone, then there's all this thick spit/mucous...nothing inbetween.

I'm 10 weeks out of radiation....but since we're talking does anybody elses saliva glands itch? Mine itch way deep inside....


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water pic was my huge difference maker, also i use as hot of water i can and that also has made a huge difference. use it several times a day with flossing and brushing and it will help with teeth cleaning. keep in mind the body excreats chemicals and certainly radiation has changed that in the mouth area, slowly some or all of that will go away.


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I think we ALL have this issue. Thought it was because they took all my teeth before they took my tumor. I use a sponge on a stick to swab out my mouth at least 3x's a day, and use the biotene tooth paste on it. And in between the biotene rinse. I gag on the soda rinses, never have been able to use. And the salt rinses make it worse. Some days I want to use a scraper on it ! (but don't) Hope this gets better for you and us all ! If you find a good thing to use that really works let us know ! Katie

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Thrush trying to make a return, taking some meds to try and stay ahead of it. That may have trigered the feelings I was noticing. Should always have the dreaded thrush on my concern list. Hopefully if thats it we can resolve. Still have all the other issues thrush or not the dry or soaked mouth. Would love to speak without needing a kleenex to clear out mucus or sleep without woundering why my tongue is stuck to the top of my mouth and have to take a drink just to rescue a totally dry mouth. Yep this all sucks, but blessed to be able to enjoy another day.

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please be assured, the dry mouth and mucus along with paper usage will get better but just not fast enough for any of those going thru treatments.

all days are wonderful, just different degree's of wonderful


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It seems like every time I come to the site I find out something new. We probably won't start the rads until the first week on November, but it helps me to know what might happen. I can prepare for the worst and hopefully it will go smoother than it has for some, but if not at least I know where to go to find support and answers.

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