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False positive on PT scan????

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I had SCC in 2006 (left side of neck-tonsil)and again in January of this year(right side of neck-base of tongue)....went through chemo and radiation and finished 4 months ago.....now i have developed a hard lump on left side that has been there for a month....had a PT scan and now they say I have a hot spot on scan and want me to have the lump biopsied....I had the exact same thing happen to me in 2006...doctors could not agree on whether they were seeing new cancer or scar tissue from IMRT radiation....eventually I had a biopsy and it was negative....what are the chances that it will happen again this time? Anyone else had this happen, false positives on a PT scan?

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Yes, does happen, can be lots of scar tissue. It's been four months since treatments ? I think I would have the biopsy. (needle ?) I would and will always side on the prevention end of things. I know it's a pain in the rear, but saying this an once of prevention....yadda, yadda. I too have had 2 pets that were off...flagging scar tissue and arthritis. Good luck and please keep us in the loop ! Katie

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jim and i
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I agree with Katie

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I guess that happen all the time, just remember the scan is read by a human and sometimes they make mistake. My Oncal man did a MRI and said I have a tumor in the back of my head; we went to MD Anderson they did an MRI & PET and said I was NED. From that time on I always get a second opinion

Take care

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but in my case i have a big lump right where the PET showed the hot spot. If it is tumor i am out of options already having had radiation on both sides of my neck plus my surgeon says removal is too risky. It is encouraging to hear from so many of you.

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D Lewis
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I'd get a second opinion on your surgeon's opinion that surgical removal would be too risky. What about something like cyber knife?

Sending positive thoughts that all will be well.


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I'd for sure get another opinion especially on the surgery part. I'm no surgeon but I've heard really good things about the cyber knife. Not all Dr's use it or are trained in it but I'd find one who is and at least have a consult. And keeping fingers crossed the scan is wrong and you won't need any of this anyway.
p.S. Keep us posted

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I dont know much about this Cyberknife treatmemt but I have already had radiadion on both sides of my neck so if it is some version of radiation I probably cannot get it. Well regardless, I am remaining positive....i had a biopsy that came back negative in 2006 and I expect this one to come back negative as well

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