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heavy bleeding after endometrial biopsy

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I am a 57 year old woman who had a endometrial biopsy, D&C, and endometrial polypectomy,the diagnosis was a 6.75cm lining of endometrial , they removed 4 polyps with simple, cystic hyperplasia, my problem is I had all this done 6 years ago, and before this procedure which was done on July 10, 2012, I had very light spotting, I have been having very heavy bleeding, and bad cramping and don't understand why, it has been 8 weeks, the one gynecologist is totally against a hystertomy, my primary physcian sent me there for an evaluation for a hystertomy, I have since gotten a 2nd opinion, which he told me if my lung doctor would approve me for surgery and a heart doctor would approve me, then he would do a hystertomy,robotic way, I have never had children, am tired of all the pain and bleeding, I quit having cycles when I was 43, any response would be appreciated

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Peaches, this is not a normal result of an ECC/EMB. Hyperplasic polyps are benign. It is adenomatous polyps that are pre-cancerous. Still, if you are having heavy menses and surgery is not an option, your gyne should be able to give you medications that will give you a chemical D&C like Megace. I would insist that your gyne rectify the situation. Good luck.

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