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Has anyone had a colonic stent procedure?

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Hi all,

By any chance has anyone had a colonic stent put in? If so, was it a quick day surgery (I hope the answer is yes...), or did you need to stay in the hospital overnight? Any info. is appreciated since Rick is going in on Thursday for this procedure due to continuing bowel obstructions. At the moment, he can't even eat a teaspoon of rice soup without having extreme pain. (Thank goodness he just got some Dilaudid for pain - it's good stuff.)



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I have never had this procedure, but have read that hospital stay can be same day or up to 48 hours...all depends on the patient and how things go with the process.

I am sorry to hear that Rick is in such pain. Praying that this procedure eliminates that for him.

I also read that you are going in for your own surgery next week (from Pete's post). Prayers for you as well, that all will be ok.

You both have had a rough road to travel and I pray that the future brings you both a much easier time.

Please keep us posted, as you can, on how you both are doing.


Marie who loves kitties

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Thank you Marie. He hasn't eaten anything today either due to pain, and has been sleeping for the past three hours. I'd like him to be admitted to the hospital since he needs fluids and nutrients, but he'll have none of that. I'm really very concerned that he won't even make it to Thursday at this rate. :'-( Talk about feeling helpless...

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My husband have so much blockage from the radiation treatment and one dead tumor. The doctors talked about the stent. From what we were informed by 3 doctors this is not a long term solution. My husband now has the bag and it really is the best way to go he can eat anything he wants and has no pain. Something to think about because they can sometimes route the intestines so they can reverse the bag.

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