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OT Hurricane Isaac

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Isaac was the "little" storm that packed a terrible punch! Many in my area flooded and are still without power. We finally got power back last night and I am here to tell you that a hot shower is soooo wonderful! Say a little prayer for the folks affected. My older sister and her husband and two dogs are here napping. They have no power and the heat wore them down.

We have become survivalist-like about storms (without intending to be). We have a generator that will run one window unit air conditioner, a lamp, a couple of cell phones, and our fridge. We have 3 propane stove and two lanterns and numerous battery operated lamps, flashlights and candles. We have cold drip french roast coffee that is easily heated on the propane stove :-). Now if I could figure out a way to make beignets without power...lol.

Living with storms here reminds me of living with cancer--you can't stop them but you become skilled at managing the very best that you can. Keep fighting!

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So relieved that you are safe and not flooded....my heart goes out to those who have lost their homes....the amount of rain some areas got are just unreal...glad your power is back....don't know which is worse...no power in the summer or on the winter! We've been without power in the winter for 8 days, due to ice storms and snow....we actually cooked on our gas logs...lol.... couldn't even use our grill, buried in ice and snow...the water in our master bath toliet had ice in it....oh and when we have no power we have no water...we have a well...When they predict these storms, I fill up the bath tubs..... 2 buckets to flush.......woe is me, but we made it through...wore many layers of clothing and hats....I would never have made it as a true pioneer women....

Glad you're safe...thought about you during this...
Hugs, Nancy

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Glad that Isaac has left. Do hope all will have their power restored very soon. Of course, some will have it very tough for a while.

I live in the northeast and have lived through many winter storms with lost of electricity. I know what you mean about a nice hot shower.



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It didn't seem too bad on the news here if you didn't listen to the whole report. When they said that it was hovering and not moving anywhere, just blasting the area with water and wind gusts... then the reality of the damage and long term cleanup set in. There were people on the news who said they still were not 100% from Katrina and a mayor? of one of the parishes said that they were low lying and flooded, but just outside of where the area was all shored up now after Katrina, he talked of the severity for so many of the people.

You are a group of survivalists. New Orleans must be a pretty good place to live to put up with the storms. Hope the cleanup with this one will be much faster than the last storm. Glad you are all safe.

Prayers for all of you,

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I feel so sad for all of the thousands who have lost their homes again (or for the first time). We may be crazy for living here as, with climate change and the oil companies, there is no longer any coast to buffer the storms.

But it is home and my friends and loved ones are here. And I do love the joie de vivre and optimism that pervades here. Not to mention the food and music ;-)

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You do know how to weather storms, CC!

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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There is nothing quite as wonderful as a hot shower. I love them even when everything is normal. But after getting through Isaac, it must have been pure heaven.

I'm so glad that you are safe.



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Thanks for all of the support. But keep sending your prayers and good wishes as the Pearl River (about 1/2 mile from my house) will crest about 4-5 ft above flood stage on Monday. Sigh...if it isn't one thing it is another!

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Keeping you and all the people affected by this in my thoughts and prefers....keep us posted...
Hugs, Nancy

New Flower
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I am very glad to hear that you and your family and safe and sound.
Yes. Good survivor skills helping
Very sorry for all who have been affected by this storm.
Keep give us your encouraging updates
New Flower

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So glad you and your family are all okay.

We were in the eye of Andrew. I have lived in South Florida my whole life and after Andrew I could not recognize anything. We were without power for 31 days. People laugh when I tell them that I did laundry in a 128 gallon cooler and used a plunger for the aggitator. You have to do things you never thought you could or would but you learn and the next time it is a little easier. We have a 15,000W generator now. It will run the whole house including the central air, stove, washer, dryer and most importantly the hot water heater. My husband refused to take a shower in cold water and after 3 days I was boiling water on the grill and pouring in the tub. I probably should have hosed him down in the yard but he can run faster than me.

Sending prayers for all those affected by the storm.


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