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Hi everybody i'm going on 6 weeks out of treatment and everything is going pretty good swallowing is good and food taste pretty good not everything but most i started back working out very slowly and I've even been working on and off so i can't complain feeding tube was removed last week that wasn't too bad a lot easier coming out then going in,now i'm able to hang out with my son which i missed next week will be my first ct scan after treatment so i'm hoping everything will be clear definitively nervous please keep me in your prayers.Thank You

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you sound like you are doing great!!! Tube removed already, taste...wow.

Prayers for the scan to be great too!


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Hi Matt,

You sound pretty good to me; swallowing, tasting & working, a triple treat for a fellow H&N warrior. Enjoy yourself and keep getting better and clean scan next week.



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It's one day at a time...best wishes for your upcoming scan.


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as already said, you certainly appear to be doing very well. to be 6 weeks swallowing, working out, tasking and much more is very impressive.

continue to remain positive and believe the scan will be fine and it will be.

your status amazes me


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Tube is gone, and you're already tasting food!! I'm jealous, LOLOLOL. Sending you giant positive thoughts and prayers on your upcoming CT....I know it will be NED....I just know it.


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You'll be fishing in no time... :)


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Everything sounds really good ! I think your positive attitude has alot to do with this. I'll be praying for great results on that CT ! Katie

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Asking for a little extra help never hurts. Always glad to hear when someone get to the end of his treatment. Good work. Rick.

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jim and i
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Wow, you are doing great, as everyone has said. I am praying for a NED on your firt scan. That would be icing on the cake.

Blessings Debbie

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Tonsil Dad
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All the very best for your recovery Matt, hope everything
goes smoothe for you. Prayers for NED on your upcoming

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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That is very good to hear, keep up the good health my friend and enjoy being with your Son all you can. Keeping you in pray for a NED on the CT

All the best

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