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What to do???grrrrr

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Woke up this morning (that's a plus ) neck is swollen a lot where nodes were removed, feels extremely tight, no pain...I'm 10 months out from surgery that removed my epiglottis, should this be going down, not reballooning up?( will deal with this Tuesday) Feel like Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon(minus) Have a great Labor Day weekend, we're going perch fishing on my son's new 28 ft boat, Lake Erie here we come..stay away Issac

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What, no invite..shhhhshhh, LOL.

Hard to say on the swelling..., more than likely lymphatic fluid...(possibly), hard to say.

But with everything I went through, my ENT says that swelling, aches, pains and various other residual is pretty much a way of life for a few years.

But always if you have any doubts or concerns, see your ENT..., even if it only results n a confidense booster...

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Hey, check with your doctor....but I've been dealing with this for 8 months. Some days really good, others really bad. My onc., said it is due to the lymph system kind of in transition. Mine started about 2 months out of surgery....that I noticed. Heck I was so swollen up it's hard to pin point. But again, put a call in to be on the safe side ! I hope it improves asap, and that you have a wonderful holiday wk. end ! Katie

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Nothing to add..prayers it gets better and I bet it's just residual / normal stuff...but call and get it checked all the same ..



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I am 12 weeks out and also have some lymphedema working. Didn't you just get back from a trip? I would actually be in Nassau now except the therapist giving me neck massage said air travel wouldn't help the lymphedema right now. Mine is worst in morning, no pain just discomfort. Therapist said air travel could put me at 4 on pain scale but no worse. I decided to wait on the trip but that could be why yours is acting up. Spending Labor Day at Lake of the Ozarks, had fish fry with fresh crappie last night!

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Forgot to add, therapist suggested cold washcloth. She also explained how lymph nodes are just right below skin surface so no deep knead massages like you expect at a spa. If it continues, you might ask ONC for prescript for neck massage therapy. My insurance is paying. I go 45 minutes twice a week and they will teach me how to do it. Purpose is also to breakdown scar tissue to get lymph fluids in area to flow better.

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