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Update from 8/30 on Doc Hawk

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Doc asked me to post his status from yesterday:

It's been a pretty busy and hectic day. The respiratory surgeon came in and knocked me out, then ran a camera down my throat and into my lungs to see what was going on and take some fluid samples. Because I'm on blood thinners, he didn't want to do a biopsy. It's going to take a few hours to a few days to get results back. I still keep getting fevers in the evenings and even the least activity gets me out of breath. Someone has to go with me when I take my Lulu Belle out for a walk. By the time we get back upstairs I'm huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf and about ready to collapse! It started raining here today and the weather change always makes my back and hip ache, so I went ahead and took the pain pills they kept offering me. I really dislike percocet! The blood thinner injection they're giving me in the belly is working. After the last one, the injection site kept oozing blood for a few hours.

This evening has been not so bad, just the nurses coming in to check on things and monitoring my fever. I spent it watching programs on Netflix, I really love that service! I'm on 3 liters of oxygen pretty much all of the time because when I'm on room air the O2 level goes down to between 85 and 88. My release goals are O2 level at 90 or greater and lab values in range. My magnesium level has come up to 1.4 and the minimum baseline is 1.8 so I'm slowly getting there! Well, I'll send more info when I start getting lab results back.


As things continue to improve he will be updating you himself, as long as he can get better response time from this site. Slow is not good when you have little energy.

He thanks all for the prayers and well wishes you are sending his way and doing his own praying for all of you.

Marie who loves kitties

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Hope you are feeling better today. I know how hard it is being in the hospital, all the noises and waking you up all night. I finally got a good nights sleep when I got home. It has to be a little better with Lulu with you. Lovenox shots are a bear in the belly, I have been doing them for 4 months now for a picc line clot in my shoulder. I hope your o2 sats get back in the 90s and labs get back to norm and you and Lulu escape that joint! But get well first!

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Thank yo for Doc 's update...i have been wondering how he was doing and if they got the blood clots under control.


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litupdates lit all reminds me why I hate bloody hospitals! Sounds like they are doing the right things to get some answers about what is going on to get you back up and running ASAP. It really is so frustrating to be tied to the oxygen but it sounds like you aren't too far off your recovery aims, just make sure you get proper better and don't head home too early just cos you are disparate to get out of there.

Rest up and recover,

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No update as yet. Still waiting for the test results from the Alien Lung Probe and chest x-rays. I didn't sleep much last night, my sinus were so blocked that I could barely breath. I'm not going to rush things and try to get out of here early; about the only thing that's at home that I ain't got here is my beer. And since it's 3.2% junk, I'm not really missing it. Missing my cigars more, haven't had one since Sunday. I'm going to need a caregiver when I do get home and my lady friend back in New Jersey has already said that she'd be uncomfortable doing it and that the stress could cause her to have seizures. That pretty much narrows the list of two down to my on-again-off-again lady friend which could be very problematic. I can always tell when she's in a bad mood because the walls start bleeding and the dogs in the neighborhood howl in fright.

Thank you all very much for the support. Reading your words really boosts me up a lot.

Hugs to all!


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Hello, I am fairly new here, but I came across this post about you and your latest troubles. I just want to say hi and I sure hope you are getting better as the days go by.
My prayers are with you.

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