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wanted to vent - sorry

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Hello everybody,

I am new here. Was diagnosed with stage 2B grade3 triple Neg. in july of this yr. Had a lumpectomy, 10 nodes out and just finished 2nd cycle of AC. Plodding along, have 14 more cycles to go and then the radaiton.

My mom is in remission for the past 6 yrs for excatly the same type. yesterday my sister had her mammo and found some calcifications. Has her biopsy in a week. Crossing my fingers.
Waiting to catch a break. need some good vibes now.

Sorry to be venting I am sure everybody has their own issues.

Thanks for listening

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Welcome to the sorority of people who know what you're going through or at least, have an inkling. I know you would rather not need to be here but none of us would either. I also am a TNBC. I was diagnosed last June (2011) and am on this side of treatment. What an experience!! I found AC to be the most difficult on me physically. It depleted me! I have to say Taxol wasn't as bad but I was exhausted all the time. Antinausea meds and pre-treatments meds got me through. I am so grateful to whoever came up with all of them. Radiation was no big deal, as far as the treatment went, tho I had skin problems and huge fatigue but I got through. I'm so sorry your family has been going through all this. It seems so much harder to see other ones we love go through these issues too. I hope you know we're all here for you. Don't be afraid to share your situation with us - we are all ears and feel better if we can help someone else.

Prayers and hugs!

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Bad things DO happen to good people! I'm so glad you mom is doing well. You will, too. Sounds like your sister will be diagnosed early if she has bc. I was diagnosed when I was being screened as a kidney donor for my son. He almost died and I was the only match. I couldn't imaging that I would ever be happy again. He was on dialysis for 3 1/2 years before I was cleared as a donor. Today is my 6 week post op checkup. We are both doing great. I tell you this because we need to know that there are blessings and not just heart ache ahead. In the turmoil, I was afraid that the bad would never stop happening. Stay hopeful for yourself and your family. I send my love!


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I am also triple negative, dx Nov 2011, won't go into all of the details of my treatment, just wanted to say I am sorry you are going through this. Good news that Mom is doing well though, you have a success story of your very own to look to when you get to feeling down. Prayers and positive thoughts for you and your sister.

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no need to apologize...

Thinking of you and your family!!!!!!


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It is wonderful to hear of your mom being in remission 6 years. What a great role model to have. I am also triple negative ,diagnosed the first of the year, and just finished radiation Monday. Welcome to our group that no one wanted to be eligible for! Come any time to vent, ask questions, or share experiences. I hope your sister gets a good report and gets left out of our group!

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Thank you everybody. It helps venting....hearing your stories, gives me courage.

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You have every right to want some good vibes, you, your mother and now maybe your sister. I do hope your sister isn't going to join this club.

It is ok to vent here, you have a lot of good reasons. I hope your mother is doing well and know it must be very hard to watch you go through this and perhaps your sister.

Keep us posted about your progress and your sister's results.



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Sorry you are here because of bc. It's the club no one wants to join. But, you have all of the pinks sisters now, supporting you.

Great news about your Mom's remission! I will be praying your sister's biopsy will show no cancer. Keep us posted.

Vent all you want!

Hugs, Diane

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