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My Mum

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Chris Ptown
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My Mum was diagnosed with stage 4 non small lung cancer last August. At one time the fluids had disappeared and the tumor had gotten a little smaller. She was on chemo, then maintenance chemo then a pill which made her break out badly. The doctor gave her a month break from the chemo pill. She had scans this week and the fluids are back and the tumor is significantly larger. He said there is one other chemo pill for her but that the side effects are too severe for her. She is 79. She has decided to not take the last option of chemo pill and next week is going to talk to the doctor about hospice care. Isn't there anything else she can do? Does anybody know?

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Chris, my heart goes out to you. This is a difficult time for you. There may be options for her in a clinical trial. I am on my iPhone now so I don't have access to all my favorite links but if you go to the national institutes of health website (NIH.gov I think) you will find clinical trials there. If yo are not interested in that then check with the oncologists at cancer grace.org. They will need to know the names of the chemos she had and that pill as well. I wish you strength and grace at this time.

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